First Look at Avant’s 6th Album, The Letter (video)

Urban Entertainment reporters and bloggers gathered into Universal Records last week to preview the 6th album by R & B crooner and ‘love guru’, Avant. The album, his first on his new label, Universal Records, is titled The Letter and hits stores on December 7th.



He premiered 13 new songs from the project including the first single, “Kiss Goodbye.” As the ‘love guru’, Avant is sure to provide advice for both men and women throughout the project. On “Kiss Goodbye” he advises men that when a woman gives that first kiss it means they are kissing everything else good bye.


Some of the albums high lights are “Walk On Water,” Avant’s wedding song of the future, and “Where Do We Go,” which he uses to guide both men and women on the errors that are being made in relationships.


“Body Police” is sure to be a bed room pleaser as well. While Lil’ Wayne & Bobby V may have done “Mrs. Officer” for the fellas, Avant provides the ladies with their own police fantasy. “I’m taking you in the 69th precinct,” Avant swoons. “I’m charging you with B T S, that’s being too sexy,” he explains later in the chorus.


The Letter, Avant explained is was a call to the R & B industry to go back to basics. Still he doesn’t want to be the overbearing R & B artist with a deep message on the album. The albums original title track “Wake Up” is actually a track for all the ladies on behalf of all of the fellas, providing women with the guidelines for a proper reaction to the rising male body in the morning. Avant of course explains it much more elegantly.


The album isn’t all sex, love and relationships though. Avant wouldn’t let us leave the building without hearing “Never Give Up,” his song to anyone dealing with Cancer or any disease, directly or indirectly. “Africa,” his cover of the Toto song is another record he is very proud of, not only because of the message but because he puts his own special touch to the song making it his own. The song might not make the album, but Avant wanted to share it just in case it did.


 The Letter hits stores on December 7th. Be sure to look out for it.


Our video interview with Avant as he speaks to fans



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