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Comedian Anthony Anderson on Diabetes Awareness and Golf

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There is more to this man than his humor.  Actor and comedian Anthony Anderson was once the face of his own television series All About The Andersons. Nowadays, Anthony Anderson’s diabetes awareness efforts see him as an advocate and spokesperson of the F.A.C.E. Campaign for African-Americans facing the quiet but deadly illness of diabetes.  As a star in the now-popular Law and Order series, Anthony Anderson has had type 2 diabetes for over 8 years now.

When he isn’t acting in hit movies or making you laugh with his comic personality, Anthony Anderson’s diabetes awareness activities help out his community. He doesn’t just preach this to others – he makes healthy choices all the time.  He has lost over 40 pounds by being more physical and by choosing to eat better and healthier. He still eats the things he loves and craves, just in moderation. Both his parents have diabetes, so the illness hits close to his heart.

Besides acting and his duties as a spokesperson, comedian Anthony Anderson admitted to us that he found a new passion in life: golfing. He cannot get enough of it. He is up by 6:00 a.m. ready to have his golfing therapy. He has a strong support group of other actors and celebs that play with him: Samuel Jackson, Johnny Gill, Don Cheadle, and Barry Bonds.

Anthony even has his own golf show, Golf in America, which fills up his screen time; otherwise, you can see Anthony Anderson in Law and Order as Detective Kevin Bernard.  He is currently working on several movie projects including Scream 4, which will be out in April.

Anthony went into detail about all the projects he’s currently working on and the importance of diabetes awareness in the African-American community.

Parlé Magazine:  I had no idea of your involvement with Diabetes awareness. Can you tell me more about how Diabetes has affected your life?
Anthony Anderson:  I take better care of myself now, I am eating right. I am not giving up my donuts, but I may grab one and have a bite or two and then put it down. Moderation is the key word. I am not giving up my favorite foods, just eating less of it and working out has helped me as well.

Parlé:  Let’s discuss your ‘affair’ with golf.
Anthony Anderson:  I feel great out there playing golf. It’s my me time, I feel fit and energetic. I don’t need any other sport. I am loving golf in my life and I highly recommend it. I will play golf for the rest of my life.

Parlé:  The holidays are here. Who is cooking the turkey this year?
Anthony Anderson:  Need you ask?? I am of course. I am making my favorite mac & cheese, yams, cranberry sauce – well you get the picture. I really like cooking and especially preparing recipes that are diabetic-friendly.

Parlé:  You have become a huge success, hasn’t been overnight, but it did happen quite rapidly for you. Any advice you have to offer our young actors out there?
Anthony Anderson:  Stay on it, stay strong on your path. Many will say no, and that’s okay cause all it takes is that one yes. After that, it will all start happening. You can’t give up. Don’t compare your acting life with others. We all mature as actors on different times and levels. Go after your dreams with all you got and then some, because success is waiting for YOU, just around the corner.

Thanks Anthony for this great interview, wishing you all the best for this New Year.

written by Olga Gonzalez-Ramos

Image credit: Instagram


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