10 things I’m Thankful For After Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving, a time to give thanks for our blessings (and apparently gloss over the atrocities perpetuated against the Native Americans by the European pioneers) while getting loaded up on turkey, stuffing, and sweet potato pie. In keeping up with tradition, here are 10 things that I’m thankful for this year:


1.)    Michelle Obama – For serving as a public reminder of what a strong, educated, independent Black woman looks like. Brothas, would you rather have a Michelle, or a Kat Stacks on your arm?

2.)    Sarah Palin – The self proclaimed “Momma Grizzly’s” 4th grade critical thinking skills, and her detachment from reality (she says she can beat President Obama’s reelection bid in 2012) make for hilarious talking points. Anyone else waiting for a book of mind-numbing “Palinisms?”

3.)    TV One – This station is the answer for anyone looking for Black-oriented programming that doesn’t revolve around “106 & Park” (which was at its best with Free & AJ) or Soulja Boy videos, even if half their lineup is “Good Times” reruns.

4.)    Nicki Minaj – Though I’m still rooting for Lil’ Kim to bounce back with some hot music (tick, tock Kim), Ms. Minaj has definitely injected some much needed lifeblood into the comatose entity that is female rap.

5.)    College – Thanks for giving me a comprehensive education, incredible friends, and lifelong memories. Still waiting on that good job with benefits though. Any time now. Yep. Stiiiiill waiting…

6.)    Shonda Rhimes & Tyler Perry – She’s the creator of “Grey Anatomy” & “Private Practice,” and he’s man behind “House of Payne” & “Meet the Browns.” While their shows vary in quality (Shonda’s are actually good), without these two writers, the only Black faces on TV would be on “Cops.”

7.)    The TSA – Feeling frisky on a Friday night, but don’t have a date? Just visit your local airport and refuse a full body scan. The pat downs have happier endings than a back alley massage parlor open at 3 am.

8.)    Al Sharpton – For relating to Black women by showing them that even a busy civil rights leader with a hectic schedule can keep a tight perm.

9.)    The Boondocks – Though the 3rd season was a bit hit & miss at times, it was still one of the funniest, most provocative, and insightful shows on television.  Here’s hoping that Huey and the gang return soon for Season 4.

10.) President Barack Obama – For showing us that struggle is persistent, fear is pervasive, and that hope can kick both of their asses.

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