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The power of the disc jockey seems to be dwindling in the eyes of music lovers. In the times where the internet is the main and best way to show off your work, people have forgotten the need for the deejay. When Hip-Hop first started the deejay was the star of the show and the rapper was mainly the hype man of the two. Parlé Magazine decided to chat with DJ Whoo Kid so he can reiterate to the world that the DJ is still the man of the hour.


Parlé Magazine: How did you get where you are today?

DJ Whoo Kid: It took me 20 years to get where I’m at. It was a hobby that turned into a lie and the lie turned into reality. My lies got me to meet Russell Simmons, Chris Lighty and 50 Cent and now Eminem is my boss at Sirius XM. I own my own website and a clothing line.


Parlé Magazine: What do you think about the emcee being more celebrated than the DJ in Hip-Hop now?

DJ Whoo Kid: It’s going to go back and forth when the rapper is going to need the DJ to get back on board. Loyalty is like a big issue when it comes to music. Everyone is humble in the beginning so they suck the DJ off then they suck themselves and think that the DJ isn’t needed anymore. It’s like ‘what goes around comes around’ because failure is how the 360 works.


Parlé Magazine: What do you think is the role of the DJ today?

DJ Whoo Kid: We play a delicate role because whatever we play controls the way people dress and live. We also have to be a personality, you get more points and control over what you do. I enjoy being on the radio because people recognize me by my voice. A lot of DJ’s also have to worry about how they dress, some of them look sloppy but I want the girls to look at me so I make sure I dress nice.


Parlé Magazine: What does the up and coming DJ have to do with the competition in the industry?

DJ Whoo Kid: You have to be creative and smart. The internet is the greatest tool out there. I did it without any help. You can’t be afraid to ask questions, make loyal friendships and be humble. I got to meet a whole bunch of people like Michael Jackson, Princes from Dubai, Donald Trump and movie stars so creativity and being personable can get you where you want to be.


Parlé Magazine: With it being so competitive how do you find a way to fit in?

DJ Whoo Kid: I learned from Russell Simmons how to manipulate my surroundings.


Parlé Magazine: How do you juggle all of your different jobs? Do you ever rest?

DJ Whoo Kid: I sleep on the plane, I sleep in the study and I sleep in p—-y every now and then. I take advantage of as much rest time as possible. I like to work. It’s not a 9-5 so I can actually rest. I rather work for myself than have someone tell me what to do.


Parlé Magazine: Do you consider yourself a mogul?

DJ Whoo Kid: I’m a regular guy, I learned from the best. It’s kind of too late to demand that kind of recognition though. I’m one of those dudes that mastered to survive 20 years in the neutral zone, not too hot and not too cold because when you become incredibly hot people demand too much s—t.


Parlé Magazine: What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind? How do want to be remembered?

DJ Whoo Kid: I don’t give a f—k! I don’t need anybody to say things about me, everything that I ever done was for my fans and most of it is free.


Parlé Magazine: What is your motivation?

DJ Whoo Kid: Being a DJ is an addiction and I like rocking with 3-4,000 people. It’s like you can create and control them with your own music.  It is more than addiction to me and I enjoy doing what I do.


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The DJ still lives!



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