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Eric Benét has been lurking around the music industry releasing his musical gems consistently since appearing on the scene in 1996. From his first album, True to Myself, he has always been who he knows he is and his music has always been a reflection of himself.  From his marriage with Halle Berry, his battle with addiction and bouncing back from everything as a stronger person, to now loving life with an beautiful family, Benét is ready to continue show people how he has grown, not only as an artist, but as a person as well.   Benét’s latest album, The One, is his most personal album to date, a 12 track soulful package with a couple features from Lil’ Wayne & Shaggy. Talking to Parlé Magazine about the album, his motivation and singing with his daughter, Benét is ready to make the listeners understand why this is, “The One.”

Parlé Magazine: Your recently released your sixth studio album, how have you stood through the test of time and continued to stay true to yourself in this industry?
Eric Benét: I think I always had a very clear idea of who I am creatively. I wanted to be myself and I have stayed with that, even naming my first album, True to Myself.  I want to make sure that I’m never comprising who I am as an artist or a person.

Parlé:  What’s your motivation in this business?
Eric Benét:  My mother and father always encourage me and my siblings to make our own statements and be definitive in that statement. Whenever I was most authentic I was most successful in my career.

  What can fans expect from this latest album, The One?
Eric Benét: You can expect me at the top of my game, the best work I have done in my life and the strongest R & B record you’ll hear this year.

  That’s a bold statement.  Is that why you choose, “The One” as the album title?
Eric Benét: I’ve been working towards having my own record label my entire career and now I have it so this is the album I’ve been trying make my whole life. It has come at the perfect time of my life.

  The label you’re referring to is, Jordan House.  Why was that such a big goal for you?  Why did you want to do it?
Eric Benét:  When you’ve been in the industry as long as I have you experience the ups and the downs, I would be very surprised if there wasn’t an artist who didn’t want to be in complete control.

  How have the changes in your life affected you musically?
Eric Benét:  As an artist any change is going to cause you to grow one way or another. A lot of the joys and experiences that I am blessed to have in my life is coming through in my music. I think I’m more mature and a stronger writer, some songs from the album come from the pages of my life.

Eric Benet
Eric Benet Gets Better with time

  You sing a duet with your daughter, India on the album.  You’ve done it before but how it is working with your daughter on music—a shared passion?
Eric Benét:  My daughter is an extremely talented person and I support her in everything that she does. Musically she is creating wonderful music and lyrics. She is an extraordinary singer.

  Happy to have this new album from you, what else can we expect from you in the coming months?
Eric Benét:  You can expect me to sign an artist or two and promote them and their music. I’m enjoying my life as a father, a husband and being happy.

New album, The One is in stores now!!!   For more information check out his site:


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