Singer, Vaughn Anthony Steps Into the Spotlight

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Vaughn Anthony, the younger brother of John Legend is ready to share his talent

Any man on this earth with an older brother can understand the fragile dynamics in which a relationship such as that constitutes. It is a sensitive thing. As the younger child you are automatically informed of all the things that an older sibling is more mature enough to teach you. However, very rarely does this childhood handbook of information ever acknowledge all in which you can teach them. A perfect example of this flawed system of adolescent patriarchy is singer/songwriter Vaughn Anthony. Though the younger brother of Grammy nominated musician John Legend, Anthony is an artist of his own voice stocked with loads of talent as well as a few lessons of his own.


Vaughn Anthony
Vaughn Anthony ‘Life of a Player’ EP

Anthony recently dropped his mixtape, Life of a Player, debuting his unique approach to musical conventions and vocal arrangements. In partnership with his Manager Keith Albright, Core DJs, JAB Entertainment, and Empire Distributions, Life of a Player features collaborations from artist such as his brother John Legend, Rick Ross, Prodigy of Mobb Deep, Olivia and many others. Even given the tremendous grind Vaughn has been on as of late, he still managed to find the time to stop and chat with Parlé for a bit:

Parlé Magazine: What was your thought process behind the title “Life of a Player”?
Vaughn Anthony: Well I basically just wanted to give out something that was a true story. I mean, basically that was my life. So it was really easy to pick up on because I have lived the life of a player.

Parlé: When first being introduced to you a person is more than likely going to hear, “he’s John Legend’s brother”. Do you dislike that, that’s your identifier for most people, or are you just used to it now?
Vaughn Anthony: I’m used to it now. He did come out first so of course they will compare me to him. So yeah, I’ve been hearing it for many years now so I’m pretty much use to it.

Parlé: Being that your brother has been able to solidify himself as an artist. Do you feel any added pressure going further in your own career?
Vaughn Anthony: No, I don’t feel any pressure because I’m my own person. I make my own music, and my music is for my people. It’s just that simple.

Parlé: How did this whole music thing start for you two? Is music just something that runs in the family?
Vaughn Anthony: Yeah, it’s been a big part of my family. Just from my mother and my father to my uncles and grandmother. Music is just something that runs through our blood. It was just destined for me to be able to have this gift as well.

Parlé: How do you categorize yourself as an artist opposed to your brother? What are some of your similarities as well as differences?
Vaughn Anthony: I think what makes me different is just my swag as well as my approach to different songs. I feel that I’m more Hip-Hop inspired opposed to John. I’m like the bad boy on the track, the rebel, while he’s more clean-cut. As far as similarities go, definitely the tone of our voices. However, other than that we’re two totally different people.

Parlé: Who are some of your inspirations musically? Who might we catch you listening to on any given day?
Vaughn Anthony:  There’s a lot, Marvin Gaye, Joe, Brian McKnight, but also you could catch me listening to a little Tupac as well. I like Biggie, some Kanye here and there; so a lot of different artist.

Parlé: If you weren’t in the music industry what else might have you done career wise?
Vaughn Anthony:   I would probably want to be a Basketball coach. I used to play myself for a while.

Parlé: What is your overall goal as an artist? Is it the money? Is it the fame? What accomplishment would you finally be able to say, “Yes, I’ve made it”?
Vaughn Anthony:   I think the ultimate goal is to, yes, make money and be able to live comfortably. However, the main thing is to make good music and to really enjoy what I’m doing. I already consider myself very successful compared to where I started off to where I am now. But like I said the main focus for me is to make good music.

Parlé:  What is your advice for a young artist coming up?
Vaughn Anthony:   I’ll tell them to define their own success and to never give up no matter what people say. Opinions are like assholes, everybody got one. So basically you just have to believe in your gift and believe in what you’re doing and just go with it. The only person that determines where you go is you.

I don’t think I could have said it better myself.  Give Vaughn Anthony a chance, not because he’s John Legend’s brother, but because he is a true artist with a statement. I believe we all can agree that we can use more artists like him in the industry.

Life of a Player EP is available on most digital outlets including iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify. You can also follow Vaughn on twitter at and also like his page on facebook at


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