Nolcha Fashion Week Runway Show 2012: Baruni, Gulschachereli & Angelys Balek


Water is essential for color, clothes, and hair. It is the reason why many fashion lovers and neutral audience members enjoyed Pier 59 Studios, the site of this year’s Nolcha Fashion Runway Show. Upon entering the pier, excitement arose within, for it was my first time there, and the welcoming environment immediately impressed. 

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Nolcha Fashion Week is an award-winning event for independent fashion designers to showcase their collections to a global audience. Nolcha Fashion Week is officially listed with Mercedes Benz as the two recognized Fashion Weeks by the New York City Economic Development Corporation.


We attended a couple of their runway shows, this one featured designs from the Baruni, Gulschachereli, & Angelys Balek (pictured above) collections.  Images from the show are below.





Additional reporting by Arielle Rodriguez
Images by Reggie Wilson for Parlé Magazine


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