The Importance of the Traveling Sisterhood

The aura of female bonding is an amazing, incredibly powerful sometimes indescribable, yet undeniable phenomenon. Women, need other women in their lives and it starts from an early age. Our childhood girlfriends help define who we are and who we hope to become. We play a fun tug-o-war of pushing, mentoring, and learning from each other as we transform into young women. As we grow up and start our lives, our careers and our families we may go separate ways and sometimes lose connections with our female friends. Life gets busy and that’s understandable, but now its time to get back on track and reconnect.


There is no better way to promote female bonding than planning an all girls’ trip together. In an effort to try to keep it drama free, start off with a small core group of like-minded friends and a short weekend getaway. If that works out well without anyone getting into fisticuffs, then onward to bigger, better and longer vacations together.


Traveling is great way to nurture and seal the bond between friends. Not only does it create lifetime memories that you’ll always share together, but it also alleviates stress, promotes healthy friendships and gives you the opportunity to communicate with someone that truly understands you.


Women traveling together have been documented in books and movies for years, so there must be something to it. As women, often we allow so many superficial reasons to stand in our way of doing things like taking off on a weekend road trip with the girls or going on a five day cruise with our best friend. Family comes first of course we all know that, but don’t get so bogged down with taking care of your family, that you forget to take care of yourself. Everyone deserves a break sometimes, as long as you don’t get carried away. Besides, when you come home you’ll be refreshed, happy and less stressed. This is good for your family as well.


Anytime is a great time to travel with your girlfriends. Take time to celebrate each other and renew your mind, body and spirit. During your retreat, find moments to relax, relate and release as you take turns catching up on the lives of your friends. Talk, laugh, play games, cook meals together, go sightseeing in your new surroundings and enjoy each other’s company. This is all part of the reconnect.


When planning your vacation, make sure everyone has a role so no one feels left out. Also ensure that everyone’s personality is incorporated into the trip in some form or fashion. Decide as a group what type of trip you want to take. There are a variety of options from organized events like music festivals or independent travel to international destinations abroad. Whichever you all decide, be sure to mark the momentous occasion with lots of journaling and pictures. And lastly, by embracing and realizing the importance of the traveling sisterhood.


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