Juicy J – Still Getting Trippy

If you have been listening to any Hip-Hop in the last day or two, chances are you’ve heard Juicy J. Yeah, he’s the guy yelling, “We Trippy Mane!” In last the couple of months this guy has been all over the airwaves, dominating with hits like “Bands A Make Her Dance,” “Show Out” and “Trippy.” Juicy J is the man right now, however; he hasn’t always been as popular as he is now.

I was talking to a 19 year-old last week and he had no clue that Juicy J has been raping longer than he’s been alive! Juicy J isn’t just that new, old dude rapping with Wiz Khalifa. Juice has been in this rap game for years. It’s crazy how it took recent years for Juice to flood the mainstream airwaves. It’s a shame that some of you kids don’t do your homework. If you would have, you would have found out that Juicy J has been blowing people’s speakers since the early 90’s. His dark melodic beats mixed with his simple to the point rapping style have been the party anthem for rap fans for years. All of my friends and I would pregame to his music all of the time. What’s pregame? That’s when you sit and drink while listening to music to get you pumped up for that night’s adventure.

It’s a shame that his music, as a member of the Oscar winning group, Three 6 Mafia’s, wasn’t played in more areas. I live in Maryland. I never heard Juicy J on the radio back in the day. I could only hear him if the radio was doing a mix or something. There was never any of his music on heavy rotation. Now when I turn on the radio all I hear is Juicy J. It’s awesome, no complaints here. I say that it’s about damn time.

How come the radios weren’t bumping Juicy J like that before? I can’t say. You guys already know radio politics are crazy. Yeah Juicy J and the whole Hypnotize Minds curse a lot, we all know this, but can’t the radio just bleep it out? Well, that would be a lot of bleeps. So many bleeps that one song would cause the machine to overload! No matter which way you look at it, it’s a crying shame that some people won’t know about his earlier music. I keep referring to old music, right? Well keep your pants on, or don’t, I’m about to hook you up.

Okay, so you’re a Juicy J fan, right? You want to do some research and see about his earlier hits? Just go listen to Three 6 Mafia’s album When the Smoke Clears and listen to Juicy J’s first solo album, The Chronicles of the Juiceman. These two albums would be a great starting point for you if you want to know a little bit more about Juicy. Remember he made a lot of the beats too.

What if you don’t know about new Juice at all? Its okay listen to his Blue Dream and Lean mixtape it came out over a year ago, it shouldn’t be hard to find. If you want something newer, just turn on the radio! Juicy J is making his music, smoking his weed, and still leaving clubs with dude’s ol’ ladies. He is STILL getting Trippy Mane.

Written by Dennis L. Neal Jr.

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