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It’s already cutthroat to get into the music industry. You never really leave the industry but from the eyes and ears of fans, artists tend to disappear. But what some artists bank on are those hardcore fans who no matter what will stick around waiting patiently for something new and refreshing. We were first introduced to Glenn Lewis in 2002 with the debut album, World Outside My Window, and his voice that provided a sensual cares. After two shelved albums and a new record label, Ruffhouse Records, the Canadian-born Lewis is back and so are those fans that had hoped he would return with a new body of work. Glenn’s new work is entitled, Moment of Truth, and he doesn’t plan to disappoint on giving the people what they want. Parlé Magazine recently spoke with Glenn Lewis about his hiatus, the ups-and-downs of his career and what he has in store for our ears.

Parlé Magazine: It’s been a little while since fans have seen you last.  Why such a long hiatus?
Glenn Lewis: I’ve been working on music, doing spot dates and working with other artists. Once I parted way with SONY Records there were some changes happening in the industry. New people came in and wanted to change things and started to look me over. Stars aligned the right way and Ruffhouse Records came along and was the right fit for me. I’m releasing a new album on October 15 called, Moment of Truth and that’s what I’m focused on.

Parlé: During that time did you have any setbacks?
Glenn Lewis: There were plenty times that I questioned whether I wanted to continue. I had a really great support system around me. I also had fan encouragement that made me want to keep going.

Parlé:  When creating this new album, did you start fresh or did you use unreleased music?
Glenn Lewis: This whole thing was fresh. We started from scratch and in all the compositions I wanted to make what really displayed my growth. I want my fans to get an insight of what I’ve been thinking.

Parlé:  So we’ll never get to hear any of the unreleased music?
Glenn Lewis: Maybe. There are a couple of joints that I threw out there. I might put together some EP’s and put them out there.

Parlé:  Do you have complete control with the new label?
Glenn Lewis: This particular project, I collaborated and bounced ideas from those around me. The album is my vision but it was a concerted effort.

Parlé:  Did you stay with the soulful sound of past albums?
Glenn Lewis: This album pretty much has elements of the first album. There is some stretching out but not too far where I alienate my fans. If anything it’s more me. There is definitely growth with this new project.

Parlé:  Did you feel any pressure to change?
Glenn Lewis: No. The only pressure I feel is to keep making the music for my fans that I know they will love.

Parlé:  If you can use a different word to describe your music?
Glenn Lewis: I wanted to create an album where a woman listening to it would feel comfortable and loved. The word I would choose is bridge music, where I’m bridging the gap between what men want to say to their women.

Parlé:  Did you write most of the songs?
Glenn Lewis: I collaborated a lot. I wrote 5 songs and the rest were collaborations.

Parlé:  What are you doing besides pushing the album?
Glenn Lewis: I’ve been putting on my campaign, going city to city, kissing babies and telling people don’t forget October 15. [Laughs.] Meeting fans is the best way to show people that you’re real and putting on shows so they can have that night out on the town.
I would like mention for people who want to check me out @BeingGlennLewis on Twitter, Instagram. The album with be out October 15.


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