Allure Moscato: The Perfect Start To Every Party

The names Warren G and Allure Moscato typically don’t sound like they go together. In all honesty, Warren G, the Hip-Hop veteran, who made a huge name for himself during a span where he helped create the G-Funk sound, isn’t even known for making music that goes with the idea of sipping out of wine glasses. But there is a surprising connection between the “Regulator” and the moscato brand. Warren G is the face of Allure Moscato, a Bronco Wine Company liquor based in California and also available in pink moscato flavor.

What’s more surprising than the collaboration itself is just how well it works (especially after a couple of sips). Warren’s music and production, while filled with the gangsta elements of California, is still laid back and relaxing. Allure Moscato is surely those things. The moscato is bubbly yet smooth. It’s distinct yet it is has all the elements of familiarity that some of the moscatos that we’ve grown accustom to have.

Allure Moscato
The best way to describe it is as the perfect start to every party. Whether kicking off a meal or setting off the weekend, Allure gets the job done. With the holidays quickly approaching Allure would be a welcome addition to dinner tables and if you don’t want to walk in empty handed it comes in handy when in doubt.  The carbonation is a wonderful addition, and the cork pops like champagne, excellent for celebrations.
I’ve witnessed firsthand how a few bottles of Allure Moscato could win over a room full of partygoers. Just pop a bottle and let the good times commence. Don’t believe me or the Regulator?

Try a bottle yourself.

The Allure Moscato line is currently available in stores and online at popular retailers such as BevMo!, Whole Foods, Vons/Safeway, and more. For locations, please visit

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