Mr. Thundder – Coming In With A Boom

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Los Angeles native, Mr. Thundder has been making music since he was just eight years old.  His passion to entertain grew with time and he developed a knack for production as well as a unique style and sound.  An urban, rock, and Hip-Hop infused mash-up with Gospel inspired lyrics makes for a very individualized experience with the young artist.  With his debut EP, the soon to be released With The Love on the horizon, we caught up with Mr. Thundder for a quick interview.  Get familiar. 

Parlé Magazine:  First and foremost, what inspired your names, Mr. THUNDDER?
Mr. Thundder:  I was always amazed by the big sound thunder has. It just stuck with me.

Parlé:  How long have you been making music?
Mr. Thundder:  I’ve been making music for 14 years.

Parlé:  When did you realize your passion for music might develop into a career?
Mr. Thundder:  When I heard good feedback from the fans.

Parlé:  Who are some artists that inspire you?
Mr. Thundder:  Tye Tribbett, Keith Wonderboy Johnson and Casting Crowns.

Parlé:  Are you originally from California?
Mr. Thundder:  Yes! Thankfully because the weather here is very pleasant always sunny and nice people also.

Parlé:  Coming from a city as large as L.A., what are some obstacles you’ve faced so far early in your career?
Mr. Thundder:  One thing was just getting noticed. What I did was create opportunities for myself to get exposure and put myself out there. I make sure all my material is ready in top notch shape ready to go so when the opportunity arrives everything is ready to go.

Parlé:  What’s something you hope to bring to the industry that sets you apart from other acts?
Mr. Thundder:  I bring skill, musicianship, passion and dedication to giving the world the best music there is.

Parlé:  Finish this sentence: Music is…
Mr. Thundder:  My love.

Parlé:  Let’s talk about the new project you’re working on. What’s it titled? Why that name?
Mr. Thundder:  The new project i’m working on is a an EP titled, With The Love. I picked that name because we are with Jesus’ unexplainable, awesome, sweet love. That’s what Jesus is all about, helping others and showing love.

When do you anticipate a release?
Mr. Thundder:  With The Love will be released mid to late April on itunes.

Parlé:  What can listeners expect from the music?
Mr. Thundder:  Head banging! A lot of head banging!

Parlé:  For listeners that aren’t familiar with your work, how would you describe it?
Mr. Thundder:  Pure energy and uplifting.

Parlé:  You’re also a producer, how hard is it managing both sides of the music?
Mr. Thundder:  Whenever I work I have fun with it i’m always up to a challenge. When I produce I make sure every song that’s done the melodies sound natural and the beat, vocals make peace with each other.

Parlé:  Any final words you want to put out there?
Mr. Thundder:  Have hope in God and don’t give up!

For more info on Mr. Thundder, check out his website:

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