All Hail The Queen – Meesha Mink book review


Meesha Mink returns with All Hail The Queen, book two of her Kiss The Ring Series, which follows Naeema Cole and her dealings in a world of vigilante justice as her alias, Queen. The first book from the series was a pleasant read finding Queen avenging the death of her son. This time she’s caught up investigating a shooting where the clues take her on a wild chase for justice.  Everything in between make for wonderful urban fiction.

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Meesha Mink is an incredible writer with a penchant for character development. Her thorough descriptions make the reader feel like they are right there in the scene with the character living and breathing in each moment. Queen is the perfect character for an urban murder mystery. Her Foxy Brown mannerisms and zero fucks given attitude make her quite easy to love.

The one downside to Queen this time around is her complete disregard for just about everything! Meesha toes the line between urban fiction and urban fantasy as Queen is able to get away with things in Newark, NJ that are a bit far fetched. However, for some that’s why it’s a good read.  It might also be what you have to expect from Queen.

I look forward to seeing where Meesha takes Queen next. All Hail the Queen is able to hold over the readers appetite, but it won’t be long before we miss the hood adventures of Naeema Cole.

All Hail The Queen receives a PAR.

All Hail The Queen is available in bookstores, Amazon, and wherever books are sold now.