Major Players From Hit Starz Show ‘Power’ Answer Pressing Questions About Season 2

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The entire cast and crew behind the breakout Starz show Power were on hand this week at that Best Buy Theater in Times Square for the season 2 premiere of the show this week. They were in for an amazing event which included performances from 50 Cent, G Unit, Jeremih, & Joe among others, as well as a  screening of the first episode of new season, which premieres Saturday June 6th at 9pmET/PT on Starz. While on the red carpet we were able to get some exclusive interviews with just about everyone involved, from the show’s creator and executive producer Courtney Kemp Agboh to the people behind the characters we’ve come to love.

Check out images from the red carpet, interviews, and answers to some of the pressing questions surrounding season 2 of the Starz show POWER all here…

The creator and executive producer of Starz Show Power, Courtney Kemp Agboh
The creator and executive producer of Power, Courtney Kemp Agboh

Parlé Magazine:  You have been known to produce and write shows that are family oriented like The Good Wife and The Bernie Mac Show, how did you and 50 come together to create something like Power?

Courtney Kemp Agboh:  50 and I got into a room together because of CAA (their agents), it’s not a great story where we bumped into each other started talking or anything like that but what I will say is that my dad died in 2011 and there were certain things that I needed to write about and that means that I need to not write characters like The Good Wife, I wanted to write about my own family and what it means to be Black in America right now as opposed to 15 years ago or even 10 years ago. The thing that’s interesting now is that because of President Obama and events like that, all these things that we’ve been told that we can’t do, they were all lies. So now if you based your whole life on that lie, what does that mean? So I think that’s part of it and just knowing what I needed to write about.

Parlé:  How involved is 50 Cent in terms of writing and creating?
Courtney:  He’s very involved in terms of ideas, conversations and dialogue, he’s very involved.

Parlé:  In a pre-Empire world, did you anticipate the type of success your having for a show like Power?
Courtney:  No… no.

Parlé:  Are you surprised by it?
Courtney:  Here’s the thing, it’s going to sound weird. I do everything one day at a time and I cannot allow myself to get ahead of myself. Expectations that’s for 50. If you ask 50 the same question he’ll be like, “damn right!” That’s him. You know what I mean? He and I are very different in that way. I want to do the best job that I can. That’s how I live.

50 Cent of Starz Show Power is pulled in multiple directions on the red carpet
50 Cent is pulled in multiple directions on the red carpet

Parlé:  So this is supposed to be the year of Kanan. Can you expound on that, what can we expect from your character now that you’re out of jail?
Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson:  It’s a lot bigger. Once I come out, I feel like it’s all mine. Cause I was in a higher position prior to being incarcerated and they made more than they would’ve made with me on the streets. My influence is registering the most with Tommy’s character. He’s the most honest character so you’ll see at points he has juvenile moments, because he don’t need all that other information, he just do what he want to do. It’s simple. It’s a interesting to see what I do once I get out in these streets. There’s a little bit of Southside in me too now.

Omari Hardwick, Ghost of Starz Show Power
Omari Hardwick, James “Ghost” St. Patrick

Parlé:  What characteristics do you share with Ghost?
Omari Hardick (Ghost):  Omari is extremely ambitious, I’m definitely literary and not dumb and Ghost is a bright guy, I think he’s smarter than me. A doting father, I’m definitely really into my kids. You know those characteristics of someone who knows right from wrong, I don’t think I could play this guy if I hadn’t had moments of stepping in some dirt and hurting someone’s feelings, what man of interest hasn’t. Those men who haven’t are boring. I know Ghost pretty well, but I haven’t sold drugs and I don’t shoot people.

Parlé:  There’s been a debate that’s developed out here over Team Angela vs. Team Tasha, where do you stand in that debate personally?
Omari:  Angela is a representation of every woman that’s  ever championed someone, who believes in every dream you’ve ever had, every goal you ever had. I think there in lies the empathy, people are into these characters. Cause team Angela, and that’s all women, men aren’t into that team stuff. It tells on the person thats rooting. Women are like I was the girl that championed a person chasing a dream. Or I’m the ride or die that’s been there through all his mess and dirt. Tasha’s been there through all his mess and dirt. Angela is there for him cleaning up his life. So je’s torn in between. You can’t pick one or another.

Parlé:  There’s a lot of men watching this show weekly that are juggling real life situations that may be very similar to what Ghost deals with, whether it’s the street life or its the affair. What advice do you have for guys out here how look to Ghost for answers?
Omari:  Man  up. There’s a lot of fifty year old boys in the world presently, I am not at all on an interview saying I haven’t been boyish at times, I am definitely not of my age of what I should be doing in life, but you know it’s part of the journey. But what I will say is there are too many fifty year old boys that are in the club doing bullshit. I would say man up, get extremely decisive and if you can’t figure it out how to get decisive delegate to someone who can help you be decisive. Ghost uses Tommy to get him back right. Ghost uses his own wife to get him back right, so just figuring out how to not use anybody to get you back right. When you brushing your teeth, looking in the mirror, figure out how to get that person to get you back right…

I need that own advice.

(Unfortunately, we weren’t able to grab a picture of Naturi on the red carpet)

Parlé:  Last season Tasha had some moments where she felt betrayed so she tried to get back at Ghost. Can we expect her to have some moments of her own betrayal this season?
Naturi Naughton (Tasha): She has some moments with Tommy that make you go, ‘hey wait a minute.’ With Tommy, this season he’s not loyal as he should be. He’s a bit confused with what happened with Holly, being caught up in love.

Parlé:  Tasha is a difficult character for anyone to play, but of all the characters you’ve played, who would you say is the hardest?
Naturi:  I would have to say Lil’ Kim was really challenging. Whenever you play a real person it’s really hard. I did so much research. And she’s so sexual and free and in tune with her body, that was challenging for me. But also Tasha is very challenging. She’s a strong, confident character and that can be hard to play.

Joseph Sikora, Tommy of Starz Show Power
Joseph Sikora, Tommy

Parlé:  How closely do you relate to your character Tommy?
Joseph Sikora (Tommy): I think there are certain elements to Tommy that anybody can relate to. I think the things that transcend, the things that make us so angry because we stick so close to the rules, we did what we were told, because Tommy signed on for this life in the streets and there are certain rules in the streets that when people break those, like Ghost is starting to break those, I think we can all relate to people making a promise and not coming through on that promise. And also, falling in love for the first time. He’s a grown man, but he’s falling in love like a teenager. I think all of us, when we were 14, 15 years old falling in love, we were doing the stupidest things, we were the only ones that couldn’t see it. So I think we’re watching a man fall in love for the first time, and after he finds out about the love of out live getting shot, we have to see what would happen to is in that teenage mind, that first falling in love mind, when we lose what we think is the first love of our lives even though we don’t know any better.

Lela Loren, Angela of Starz Show Power
Lela Loren, Angela Valdes

Parlé:  How closely do you relate to Angela?
Lela Loren (Angela): You know, I look at Angela like if I went on the corporate path, never had therapy and never developed boundaries maybe there would be an aspect of me like Angela. She’s fun because she kind of brings my inner asshole out. (Laughs)

Parlé:  What can we expect from the Tasha vs. Angela dynamic this season?
Lela:  Tasha’s very strategic and she’s going good to play her part very wisely. Angela has to face the consequences when become a mistress you have to deal with that. It’s interesting because that storyline is going to be developed further. This season we have a brush past each other… so that will be interesting.

There’s definitely going to be a lot of feelings of betrayal and sadness and doubt, but also still like this longing.

Parlé:  I read that you and Omari enjoy playing tricks on each other before you do some of your intimate scenes, particularly not brushing your teeth before you shoot them or eating foods known for giving bad breath, tell me more about that.
Lela:  I always grew up as a tomboy. I’m always surrounded by guys, so usually the way I play is I like to gross people out. So if I can find your little weakness, like if you don’t like spiders. Or if I drop something on the floor and then eat it to gross you out, then I will do it. (laughs)

Sinqua Walls, Shawn of Starz Show Power
Sinqua Walls, Shawn

Parlé:  Can we expect Shawn to have a bigger role this season?
Sinqua Walls (Shawn):  Absolutely. He puts on his big boy and steps into some bigger shoes this season. So it’s going to be fun.

Our complete interview with Sinqua Walls of the Starz Show POWER, HERE.

Andy Bean, Greg Knox of Starz Show Power
Andy Bean, Greg Knox

Parlé:  How does it feel for you to be part of a show like Power?
Andy Bean (Greg Knox):  Incredibly cool, incredibly fortunate. I think it’s cool to be part of a show that started a trend, we kind of pushed the boundaries immediately when there was no template for it. I think it’s pretty gritty, pretty raw and I think it’s cool to be part of something that pushes the envelop.

Parlé:  How would you say you relate to your character personally?
Andy:  I think I relate to the character in the sense that it’s someone that wants something very badly and it’s not tangible, you can’t have it. Anyone that’s been in a situation where you’re dealing with insecurities and your getting burned, I think we’ve all experienced that. And you’ll do anything you can to get what you want.

Parlé:  Can we expect you to get any closer to getting Angela this season?
Andy:  Ah man, I hope. It might not be clean. It might not necessarily be the best way to do it but we’ll see.

Lucy Walkters, Holly of Starz Show Power
Lucy Walters, Holly

Parlé: Great to see you here. Is this any indication that Holly might not be dead? Is she coming back?
Lucy Walters (Holly):  I have no idea. But I will say that if she were to come back you would be pleased to know that she’s really deepened and that relationship is really intense this season. If, if…
I’m not saying.

Parlé: How has playing Holly affected you outside of the role?
Lucy:  She has helped me to find my inner bad ass, she has been awesome for me and my growth as an actor. She is so comfortable in her own skin, she is just confrontational in a way that I wish I were and I’m learning to become. So I feel like I’m learning a lot from her.

Parlé: Talk to me about Courtney and her impact.
Lucy:  Courtney is amazing. I am so proud of her. Courtney is a little bit of everyone, but she’s definitely got the most of Holly in her, in the best ways.

Also In Attendance:

Starz Show Power Athletes turned television personalities, Michael Strahan & Cliff Floyd laugh it up
Athletes turned television personalities, Michael Strahan & Cliff Floyd laugh it up


Starz Show Power Lloyd Banks
Lloyd Banks

Hit Starz Show POWER premieres on Saturday, June 6th at 9pmET/PT on Starz

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