Five Star – Our Review of this Coming of Age Fiction Documentary

Keith Miller (Writer, producer & director) put together a film that was so real, you’ll be asking what parts were fiction long after you finish watching.  Five Star is a coming of age story starring real life blood gang member, James “Primo” Grant.  Primo’s wife, children and street associates also make appearances in the film.  John Diaz also stars as John, the son of a dead mentor to Primo.  Primo takes John in, offering him a place in his faction, and as such John gains instant respect on the streets.  He has to embody the life of the streets in return, although he doesn’t have to endure any of the normal rituals to earn his keep.  This provides John with some instant choices that he has to make.

Simply summed up, Five Star is a film about choices.  An award winner at several film festivals over the past couple of years, the film makes its official DVD release on September 1st via XLrator Media.  The choices here aren’t always easy, they often aren’t legal and they often involve life and death.  Unfortunately, that’s a reality for far too many young boys and men in the urban community.  The way Miller shows the impact family has on decisions, both those that are positive and negative, offers a glimpse in the realities many face in the pursuit of success, or sometimes just maintaining the status quo.

Primo and John hold their own as actors and the ground breaking film actually exceeds expectations.  Set in East New York, Brooklyn, the story line may as well be nonfiction because it doesn’t feel like your watching a movie at all.  Still, you wont want to take your eyes off the screen.  At just 83 minutes, it runs a bit short,  but there’s nothing wrong with wanting more.  The film reminds of Snow on The Bluff, delivered similarly.  The quality here is just better.

Kevin Benoit

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