Get Hooked on the Talented Luke Christopher with TMRW & YSTRDY

A ‘talented triple-threat that no one saw coming’ is the best way to describe new artist, Luke Christopher. With a collection of mixtapes floating around, Christopher has gained a fan base of followers calling themselves #TMRWGANG. He keeps them engaged by releasing a new song every Tuesday on his SoundCloud and #TMRWGANGTUESDAYS has already received over 2 million plays. His latest double EP TMRW & YSTRDY can also be found online now.

While only 22 years old, it’s hard to believe that someone so young is so in tune and focused on his passion. A vast majority of young adults his age are still trying to figure out what they want to be when they grow up; while Christopher has been stoking his fiery musical passion since at least the age of 13. He started by writing music and singing songs with his cousins, and then they would perform for family members. During his early years, he gained influence from Kanye West. Christopher says, “Kanye’s music was honest—I could relate to it and it reached me on a personal level.” With his immediate family being a driving force of support, Christopher is driven to make it to the top by doing things his way. Recently, Mark Pitts signed Christopher to ByStorm Entertainment, the same label that is home to singer Miguel. A testament that doing things your way, can be the right way.

Christopher’s so connected with his music; not only does he write his own songs, and sing/raps them, but he also produced all the songs on his debut album being released early next year. When asked how difficult it is as a new artist to go to a record label and define who and what he is; instead of conforming into what the label wants him to become, he responded, “It is give and take at times, but since I’m writing the culture, the label understands that. I’m confident, I have my own style and they have to understand the way I want to make my music.”

“I’m different and I’m making unique Hip-Hop. It’s like listening to the future, but it’s not too far away. I’m current, but yet still ahead of my time,” Christopher boasts about his music and his style. With everything coming from within; writing, singing and producing—it all comes directly from Christopher with no filter. He says about his creative process, “If I feel something (musically)—I let it come out.”

Like a lot of his songs, Christopher pulls from personal experience and life in general. New single “Life Jackets” is an example of how he can observe life situations and dig deep to create and produce penetrable music that resonates with listeners and sends a solid message.

Christopher seems to be a rare find, but he insists that the industry is ready for change – ready for Luke Christopher and everything he brings forth; which is new culture and vibrations. He’ll be testing the waters with a small tour on the west coast in upcoming months.

On September 10th, Luke Released his double EP, TMRW & YSTRDY via ByStorm Entertainment/RCA Records.  The projects feature new and unreleased music.

Luke Christopher’s TMRW

Luke Christopher’s YSTRDY

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