Dreemkacher App By Raygrid Calderon Hopes To Open Up Opportunities For ‘American Dreamers’

Raygrid Calderon is a Latina Mom Opening Doors In Tech with her dreemkacher app

Raygrid Calderon’s publicist calls her “kick-ass.” And this self-taught coder and the creator of the dreemkacher app is just that.

“I was a bit intimidated being the only woman and Hispanic in the room. I almost felt as if I had to do more, speak more and make my presence felt just a bit more to grab the attention I wanted”
-Raygrid Calderon

Raygrid Calderon created dreemkacher, currently available via iOS, to create opportunities for up-and-coming businesses and innovators looking for business placement by exposing them to potential employees/candidates for partnerships.

“The app has two parts,” explains Calderon.  “There is a dreemer and a kacher. The dreemer creates a profile consisting of their demographics, video, audio and photos to showcase their skills/talent. The kacher is the individual or company who is looking for the services. You can check a profile out if you know the person’s name or you can search based on the industry or location. Transactions are made securely via the app. We also have a messaging system that can backtrack agreements and meetings if necessary.”

Using her own funds Calderon originally launched the mobile app in 2013, and will be re-releasing it soon with enhanced design and functionality. To create her app she did all the coding herself. “I saw a need. The American Dream is to make something out of nothing and with the need for several incomes in this age people have multiple side jobs, businesses and some folks are just super talented but there isn’t any creative, professional platform to express that from the convenience of your phone. I saw a lot of people using their social media platforms to showcase their businesses but lacked growth because of the limitations and unprofessionalism,” she shares.

Still, Raygrid Calderon is a rarity in tech–she is one of the very few Latinas and females in the industry. “Being a woman comes with its own misconceptions and being a Latina comes with just double of that, then to add a start up project is an array of misconceptions and offensive remarks, let’s not forget I’m also a parent. I haven’t personally experienced much that offends me, but in the beginning I must admit I was a bit intimidated being the only woman and Hispanic in the room. I almost felt as if I had to do more, speak more and make my presence felt just a bit more to grab the attention I wanted,” Calderon reveals.

Calderon has seen some advances in diversity in the industry, in fact. “From where I stand, yes. I am a part of a lot of groups committed to diversity in tech. Including women, Latinas, urban communities and mompreneurs. They have some pretty amazing organizations, events and a strong support system but do I believe more can be done? Of course,” she says.

But Calderon has long been involved in tech. “As a pre teen I became interested in simple programs and how they functioned and as technology grew, I grew with it. I went from creating PowerPoint presentations to developing a video messenger program and then the smart phone came along and  I became interested in apps,” she says.

Raygrid Calderon
dreemkacher logo

Dreaming up an app and getting it to market are two different things. “I faced numerous challenges during my first launch in 2013 but my biggest one was branding the company. How to market the app and company. Being self funded and inexperienced in both the tech industry and the business side of things was rather difficult but I went for it with whatever I felt was right at the time and as the company grew I had to grow and learn and challenge myself in both industries. I never stopped researching or learning about either subject,” she says.

Advice Calderon has for young girls looking to enter the Stem field? She offers, “Keep going! Everyone, male or female will have obstacles in any path or dream they chose to follow and if you happen to enter a path in which your kind is scarce whether it’s because of your tax bracket, education or ethnicity that shouldn’t deter you away. It should create the opposite. Push doors to later help open doors.”

For more information or to download the app, go to http://www.dreemkacherapp.com/


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