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Travis Greene Is Moving Forward In A Major Way With His Ministry & Music

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Gospel Singer Travis Greene Has ‘Made A Way’ with Music and His Ministry

He’s been touching the lives of many through his ministry and music for nearly a decade. The 32-year-old gospel powerhouse is making his mark—and it looks like he won’t be stopping any time soon.  Growing up in a religious household, it was there where Travis Greene found his love for Gospel. As he got older, that love grew into something bigger. Something bigger that would eventually lead him to his purpose.

At the age of 23, Greene released his first independent project, The More, in 2007. Three years later, his breakthrough finally came in 2010. Placing at No. 27 on Billboard’s Top Gospel Albums chart, Greene’s debut studio album, Stretching Out, made a tremendous amount of buzz around the internet. With songs like, “Still Here” and “Prove My Love,” the singer rose to success, while inspiring a number of people around the world along the way.

Using his music as a therapeutic vessel to deliver the word of God, Greene continues to convey a strong and positive message through his platform.

Following the release of his EP, Intentional, Greene released his second studio album, The Hills, in October of 2015 with RCA Inspiration. The wonderful body of work speaks on a variety of real life topics, while offering an in-depth journey and creating a motivational visual.

Now, a loving husband, father, and businessman, Greene also leads his own church, Forward City—located in Columbia, SC. His only hopes are to keep spreading love, peace, and positivity.

Turning his tribulations into triumphs, the singer is moving forward in a major way.

Check out our exclusive interview with Mr. Greene as he speaks on ministry, music, and what’s to come…


Parlé Mag:  At what age did you realize that you wanted to do ministry and sing gospel?Travis Greene:  I was always a fan of it, you know. I grew up around it and I’ve just always loved it. I love music; I love inspiring people. Ministry was just kind of in my blood. My mother and father both pastored and preached. They gave their lives to other people. So, it’s all I saw, all I knew. It was always a part of something I wanted to do. I think it was in college where I really got serious about it and recognized that I could actually do it for a career and actually do it for the rest of my life. So, that was when I really made up my mind to go after it.

Parlé Mag:   So, who would you say are your top five gospel singer influences?
Travis Greene:  Kirk Franklin, Israel Houghton, Tye Tribbett, Mali Music—he’s one of my influences; he’s also one of my best friends, and if I had to do a number five, I would say William McDowell. He’s a great friend of mine, too.

Parlé Mag:   In the Fall of last year, you released an EP called, Intentional. What was the inspiration behind that?
Travis Greene: Well, the song was really a collision of two revelations. One, my favorite scripture, Romans 8:28, says that ‘And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.’ The second is just understanding who God is and understanding that anything that he allows to happen happens on purpose. You know, it’s a powerful word—Intentional, and I think if we really think about it, everything that we’re facing in our lives is happening for a reason. Also, with an ‘intentional’ God behind it.

Travis Greene
Parlé Mag
What was the experience like working on your second album, The Hill?
Travis Greene: It’s my first major album. The last album I did before this one was really independent. We really kinda just did it in a room. [laughs]. So, this was really the first major album that I was able to record. The experience was amazing. You know, we did a lot of recording because we really wanted to capture an honest demonstration of what it is that we do. If you’ve ever been to any of our performances, you know it’s very electric, very live, very energetic. So, the album is filled with power, praise, and presence. That’s what we really wanted to display for the world to hear. The experience was just incredible. The people were blessed by it and the Intentional EP was actually just a lead—it was really like a preview. You know how you go to the movies and you get a preview before a big movie? It was like a preview of the album that came. So, The Hill is really the album. The EP was just a preview of that. So, you get those songs and more on The Hill. I’m really excited about the album, the success of it, and how many people who have been blessed by it.

Parlé Mag:   What would you say is your favorite song off of the album?
Travis Greene: Ouch! You know, that’s like asking a mother with a bunch of kids which one’s her favorite. I mean, I love them all. I would have to say probably “Made A Way”—which is my brand new single that’s out. I wrote it at a very difficult time in my life. My wife’s water broke at twenty-one weeks—half way through her pregnancy. The doctors really didn’t think our son was going to make it. God really gave me the words to this song and I wrote them. So, that’s the new single called, “Made A Way.”  If I had to pick a favorite that would be it.

Parlé Mag:   Your song, “Intentional” was also nominated for a Grammy some months back. How did that make you feel?
Travis Greene: It was nominated for a Grammy??? Nah, I’m kidding. I was super excited! You know, what was really cool was the reaction of the inspiration community. My phone—man, I literally had to turn my phone on airplane mode. When I finally woke up—the news came out before I got out of bed, I turned my phone off of airplane mode. Man, I had like seventy or eighty text messages. From Kirk Franklin, Israel—um, everybody was just showing so much love and they were so excited about what God has done. To me, being nominated, it’s really one of those things where many people don’t get to experience it. So, just being in the same discussion, being in the same room, was really an honor.

Parlé Mag:  What message are you hoping to deliver through your music?
Travis Greene: If there is a message through my music, it would be a message of hope. You know, just letting people know not to give up. There’s a big God fighting on our behalf—going before us. You’re not in this alone. He’s not just this mystical being, but He’s actually a father.  A good father. Someone who is for us—who is with us, and we are because He is. My message to everyone would just be, instead of looking around and being overwhelmed by the trials of this word, look up to the hills—which is the name of this album. It’s there where we find our peace; it’s there where we find our joy; it’s there where we find our true identity.

Parlé Mag:   That is so true. Who do you hope to work with in the future?
Travis Greene: That’s always a tough question to do because I have so many friends. Man, actually, me and Jonathan McReynolds will be doing some work in the future. He’s a great friend of mine as well. That’s going to be exciting. I’ve recently done a few songs with Tamela Mann. I’ve recently done a few songs with John Gray—which will be recorded at Lakewood next week. So, we’re really excited about that as well. A lot of good and big fun things happening!

Parlé Mag:  How was it working with Tamela?
Travis Greene: They are who you see—who you see on TV, who you hear on the radio. They are that. They are just full of energy and life. So, when David first presented me with the opportunity, I thought he was just kidding because he’s always joking around, then he called me—maybe like a month later. When he first asked me to do it, he was like, ‘Greene! What you doing?’ He was literally on a treadmill when he called me. He was like, ‘Hey! We want some songs; man, we want some songs!’ I was in the car with my wife. I said , ‘Baby, that’s David.’ She was like, ‘David who?’ I said, ‘David Mann. Mr. Brown, David Mann.’ She was like, ‘Ohhh!’ And she got excited. But, um, I did a couple of songs. Every song I recorded, I gave to them they loved and they recorded. So, I’m really pumped about that.

Parlé Mag:   As a working man, husband, and father, how do you balance it all?
Travis Greene: No balance at all! Every time I try to figure out balance I just get stressed out. So, it’s harmony. You know, instead of separating everything like a salad, just throw everything in a pot together like a soup. It’s not just me in ministry, it’s my family in ministry. So, we all do it together. My wife, she helps carry the load. She does a lot of the administration for my business. It’s a family’s call. I haven’t figured out balance yet, but we all work in harmony and it works for us.

Parlé Mag:   Throughout your time in the industry, what are some of the things you’ve learned that have helped shape you into the artist you are today?
Travis Greene: That’s a great and new question. Two things, respect the moment and you know, really honor opportunity and respect the moment because it’s rare. You know, big moments—when you talk about Grammys, when you talk about Scholars, when you talk about Celebration of Gospel—Essence. These are big moments. So, really take them in. That’s one thing I learned to do because for so long I was trying to get to a place, and we finally made it to—I guess what some people would consider ‘the mountain top’. So, now, just breathing and celebrating victories—rejoicing. Respecting the moment. The other big thing I learned is not to take things too serious. I think some people just take things way too serious. It’s good to remain lighthearted about life and about the opportunities, so that you can enjoy them and not drive yourself crazy and the people around you crazy.

Parlé Mag:   Besides the music, you also have your own church, Forward City. Is that something you’ve always wanted to do?
Travis Greene: No, it’s something that I did not want to do at all. I had no interest in it. It was really a God call. It was a holy burden pressuring me. He compelled me to do it. I think one of the major reasons why is because I saw a lot wrong in today’s churches. So, I think He just wanted me to create and help cultivate a culture. It was just something that I was doing; it’s from scratch. There’s no prototype; we’re just going with the flow what we feel like God wants us to do. It’s great so far. No pressure. Just family and community. The website is, That has all of the information about what we’re doing.

Parlé Mag:   That is wonderful. So, moving forward, what’s next for Travis Greene?
Travis Greene: ‘Moving forward’—I saw what you did there! What’s next is touring. We’ve got some great touring opportunities that we’re working to right now. Um, some more music is coming up—like I said, Jonathan McReynolds and I are doing some collaborations and stuff. I’m writing for several new artists that I love and have admired for years. Also, Essence Music Festival! We’re in a season now where if it’s gospel, we’re going to be around. So, just stay tuned! It’s a lot of stuff going on that we’re really excited about. Really just making an impact in the world.

Watch Travis Greene Perform The New Single, “Made A Way” here:


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