Malika Haqq Opens Up About Comeback, Challenges & ‘Hollywood Divas’ Role

Khloé Kardashian BFF Malika Haqq, One-Half of The Haqq Twins Embarks On Solo Hollywood Takeover with  Hollywood Divas Role

Former child actor, Malika Haqq is making her return to Hollywood with a splash this Summer thanks to her new role on the third season of the TV One reality series, Hollywood Divas. No stranger to television and film, Haqq has made several appearances on reality shows in recent years. Most notably she appeared regularly with her best friend Khloé Kardashian on Keeping Up with the Kardashians and the Khloé and Lamar spinoff.

Movie lovers may also remember Malika and her twin sister, Khadijah Haqq in the blockbuster film ATL. Together the sisters are known as The Haqq Twins.  Malika appeared in Omarion’s video for “Speedin'” and has also starred in films “School for Scoundrels”, and “Somebody Help Me 2”.  Haqq has also guest-starred on television shows such as “Strong Medicine”, “The Bernie Mac Show” and “Real Husbands of Hollywood”.

Her list of credits spans over several years, but for the Malika this is a time of transition after several years on much of a break from Hollywood. As she repositions herself for television and film roles, Hollywood Divas provides her an opportunity to have fans and viewers see just how much work it takes to be a successful actress in this entertainment industry, even for those who have previous experience.

We caught up with Malika Haqq in New York City ahead of the show’s premiere to talk about the entertainment industry, her journey back and what we can expect from her this season on Hollywood Divas.


Parlé Mag: Good day Malika. Happy to get an opportunity to talk with you. So, ‘Hollywood Divas’, what made you want to get into it?
Malika Haqq: I was approached by Carlos King, who’s the executive producer because he remembered watching me on my other show, Dash Dolls and he was like “You know what? I know you as an actress and I think a lot of people don’t know that you come from an acting background…” because I’ve spent so much time in the reality space and he’s like “if you really actively want to get back into acting, I have the perfect avenue for you to do so and I think it would be really good for you to be around other women that are actively pursuing the very same thing that you’re trying to do.” And he was 100% correct. Of course in the beginning I was a little apprehensive because it’s stepping outside of my bubble in my world, I’m so used to being with my sister and my best friend that this is the first big thing that I’ve done completely by myself but it’s been a good thing!

Parlé Mag:
Why did you step away from acting?
Malika Haqq: I stopped acting because I was acting with my sister and she actually had moved away with her husband and started her family. I never really pictured having an acting career by myself, so instead I just got a job at my girlfriend’s [Khloé Kardashian] clothing store and was like “ I’ll just do that” and then, when her family got a reality show, that’s how I ended up on their reality show. I’ve just been in my comfort zone for so long, but I know I miss acting. Every now and then when I get an opportunity to act, I’m like, “God, I wish I could really do it,” so, now, I’m just pushing myself to do it.

Parlé Mag: I know you got your start in the business at a very young age, but did you study acting in school at all?
Malika Haqq: No, I’ve just acted my whole life

Parlé Mag: How was your childhood compared to other students since you were doing the acting?
Malika Haqq: I had home studies and I finished high school. I didn’t go to college. I was always acting and always out for acting was auditions. That was the best material that I could’ve possibly had, experience.

Parlé Mag: What has been the hardest part about maintaining in the industry from such a young age?
Malika Haqq: I guess, for me, I hadn’t maintained. I think being in the entertainment business, I kind of went to where it evolved. Reality TV boomed and I have a great seat in reality so that was a great avenue for me to stay in the entertainment business and now, getting back to acting, it’s a little harder for me because I’ve paused and things have changed so much. The last time I had an audition, you didn’t record yourself and put yourself on tape. There are some dynamics that I’m not familiar with but, I’m getting hip to it, it’s coming along.

Parlé Mag: What do you hope that people get from seeing you in this new light on Hollywood Divas? Oftentimes people go into these shows with misconceptions about how people are, so, what do you hope that people get from seeing you on the show?
Malika Haqq: I hope that people get how open the divas are because this is not an easy part of our lives. Most people see the movies or the show that you’ve done but they really don’t know all the work that it takes to get in those positions and it’s serious, it’s our livelihood and it’s how people make a living and take care of their family and the divas are willing to expose and share this journey with their fans.

Parlé Mag: Did you have any apprehensions going into the show and how did you get over those apprehensions to do it?
Malika Haqq: I did, I had a lot of apprehension just when it comes to making a change or doing another show or being around a group of women that I don’t know as well as my immediate circle, but I got over it simply because of the support that I have from my friends and family that want to see me embark on things by myself and become more independently successful because they know that acting is where I come from and exactly where I wanna be.

Parlé Mag: Everyone who has seen the first one remembers you from ATL. Are there any plans for you to do ATL 2?
Malika Haqq: God, we’ve had talks for ATL 2 for so long and I really do want it to happen. There’s a lot of politics and there a lot of things that go into getting these types of projects done. We need a budget, we need really great scripts but I think that if Chris Robinson, our director can pull it off then, we can make it happen and I know the entire cast will come back and that it’ll be a good movie.

Malika Haqq
Parlé Mag:
What’s next for you?
Malika Haqq: I guess next would be my current situation and to continue to perfect my craft, take it seriously and building more confidence when I’m walking in a room. Giving it all I got.

Parlé Mag:
What advice do you have for young women that are trying to get in your position or just trying to get into acting?
Malika Haqq: I think the best advice that I have would be, don’t quit. It’s harder to do things, more from my perspective, which is stopping what you love and then jumping back into it. Things are always better when you stick with them and I think that you just gotta tell yourself that you can because the only reason why you can’t, is because you don’t [pursue it].


Parlé Mag: You’ve been on your fair share of reality shows for the past few years, what are some misconceptions about you that you find really off that you would like to clarify?
Malika Haqq: I don’t know, I think people are so used to seeing me with my best friend who happens to be a huge star and I’m a little more introverted than people may know, I have not wanted to be front and center. I’m so used to being part of a duo, I have a twin sister, it’s just not really my nature. Life has a funny way of taking you on journeys and making you become someone that you were supposed to be even if you didn’t see it for yourself. I hear a lot of things about me, but I don’t know, I don’t take that to bed with me at night. I just want people to see the most authentic side of me and that’s what I think that ‘Divas’ will do.


Parlé Mag:
When are you most vulnerable?
Malika Haqq: I’m vulnerable, I’m very vulnerable – all the time, every time I walk out of the house, I’m vulnerable because I’m a people person but I think, most importantly, I’m vulnerable when it comes to the matters of the heart. I’m an open book in that way, I think the reason why I’m able to do reality television is because I share a lot of my life truthfully and honestly and I don’t mind that. I’m not hiding, I am who I am and I try not to allow too many people into that heart space because it’s a vulnerable area for me.


Parlé Mag:
What do you think is one thing that people will see on the show or see you do that might surprise them?
Malika Haqq: I think just seeing me in this cast is surprising, some of responses that I’ve heard is like, “wait, is she really doing that show? But she’s so much younger than them, she hasn’t acted in years” just a bunch of the things that may be true, may not be true, but they’re just different opinions but it’ll be interesting just to see how I’m received.

Parlé Mag:
What is the ideal role that you’d wanna play next?
Malika Haqq: I wanna be a superhero, again, like a real superhero, like a princess warrior. Something fun, but still requires monologues and is physically demanding, I’d have to learn. I’d like to do a well-rounded character, a big production.

The Hollywood Divas Season 3 premiere is Wednesday, July 6 at 9p.m. ET/PT.  Then watch Malika Haqq every Wednesday on Hollywood Divas at 9p.m.

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