The Game Takes Shots at Meek Mill on “92 Bars” Diss Track

The Game 92 Bars
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The Game Unleashes Fiery Diss “92 Bars” Aimed at Meek Mill

Here’s another beef for Meek Mill that came out of no where, with a rapper he’s done tracks with in the past.  The Game is the latest emcee to come for the Philly rapper’s head, first taking shots at him on stage last night in Miami and today a diss track, titled “92 Bars” has been leaked and will be released shortly.  

“You better have Ross call me or you gon be eye level where the roach sleep” – 92 Bars

The “92 Bars” diss seems to come out of no where.  The last time The Game and Meek Mill were said in the same sentence was last year when The Game released the buzz track “The Soundtrack”, which featured Meek Mill.  At the time the two shared pleasantries on the track,  The track was left off of The Game’s Documentary 2 & Documentary 2.5 albums, but it wasn’t the only buzz single that didn’t make the albums, so no one thought anything of it.

The Game ft. Meek Mill – “The Soundtrack”

Then last night at a show in Miami, The Game called Meek Mill out during a show, saying, “when you see me, square up… f*ck Meek Mill”

After the show, apparently The Game’s entourage were involved in a shooting, which surely didn’t help matters.
Today, The Game leaked the diss track, “92 Bars” revealing only a piece of the track so far and doing a tiny bit to clear up why he is so mad.  The track is pretty vulgar and pales in comparison to the radio friendly Drake disses from earlier this year and late last year.  The Game obviously feels pretty strongly about whatever “snitching” Meek Mill has done.  Game has some words for Nicki Minaj on the track as well.

Listen to the full version of “92 Bars” below:

“92 Bars” Radio Rip

It should also be mentioned that The Game has a new album, 1992 set to hit stores on Oct. 14th.  The “92 Bars” seems to only be a reference to the album title.  Now seems to be a nice time to ramp up that album promo.

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