New York Bred Emcee Bumpy103 Is Determined For Greatness

Ahead of Upcoming Mixtape, Bumpy103 Is Clearly Here To Stay

It seems like some people today have lost the true sense of Hip-Hop. Rap and R&B stars have turned to Pop stars over night and Hip-Hop beef is quickly considered going “too far”.  Record sales of course are more important than the actual craft.Thankfully, not all artists today think the same. One being a New York bred artist named BUMPY103, who’s passion and real rawness seeps through his beats. His songs will leave your speakers in flames as he spits bar after bar.

Shane Jackson aka BUMPY103, was born in New York City and has had a love for music from a young age. He began working with multiple artists and producers in the Basement at the age of 17. Since then, his passion has only grown, allowing him to annihilate the Hip-Hop game with his own raw style of rap.

As his career has progressed, so has his knack for performing. As one of the most dedicated emcees in the tri-state area, its no shock that he is blazing through the music industry.

This Winter, Bumpy103 will be releasing his biggest and most anticipated project, Street Life Vol. IIII. The project will also be coincided with a nationwide tour. Already, the internet is flooded with his mixtapes Streets Life Volume I, II and III, Clear View, YG’s on Deck, No Breaks Movie Music, Still Grinding, and The Koldest Winter Ever.

Its safe to say that Bumpy103 is here to stay.

Listen to “Tetris” From Bumpy103 Below:

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