Well-Rounded, Super Talented, Effortlessly Beautiful, Candice Boyd Is Damn Good

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Co-signed By Epic Records & Ne-Yo, Singer/Songwriter Candice Boyd Brings Dynamic Personality To Mainstream

Any artist that has been co-signed by Ne-Yo and was signed on the spot by L.A. Reid is an artist worth taking notice of. But even if you didn’t know who she was lined up with in the industry, once you hear the voice of Candice Boyd, you pretty much know you’re listening to a star.  Having toured the world with Eric Benét, the songstress impressed Ne-Yo who signed her to his Compound University team. The deal with L.A Reid and Epic Records is just the icing on the cake.  But her lifelong journey in music is just beginning.

Her recently released single, “Damn Good Time” featuring French Montana is her mainstream introduction and it’s an impressive first major single. With its familiar sample, the catchy song is produced by the legendary Rodney Jerkins and co-written by Ne-yo and Boyd. It’s a nice introduction for new listeners but the song barely touches the surface of the well-rounded, super talented, effortlessly beautiful, Candice Boyd.

The daughter of a preacher, Boyd was born and raised in the Inland Empire section of California.  She grew up on Gospel music for obvious reasons, but would sneak to listen to the finest of 90s R&B hits.  To this day, church and music are driving forces in her life, but she balances the two with ease.

Although Candice Boyd is just making her mainstream debut, this musical journey has been a long time coming for her.  Like many before her she began singing in church, honing her talent at an early age.  When she was older and a career in music was fully in focus she started uploading videos on YouTube of her singing.  Those videos actually helped her get discovered, getting offered a publishing deal with APG/Atlantic Records.  Boyd admits that she had no idea it was actually representatives from Atlantic Records who were ‘sliding in her dm’, but after a few messages over three months she finally opened up for a discussion, which led to the deal.

After the publishing deal Boyd began crafting songs for artists in the industry.  The deal helped her land writing credits on Tamar Braxton’s album and vocal credits on albums from Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj among others. While the publishing deal wasn’t how she imagined breaking into the music business, Boyd is thankful for a point of entry. “It was like I wanna be a singer, but you don’t really know the process.” In fact, she didn’t even know what a publishing deal was when she signed the contract, but she knew it could lead to her big break.

As faith would have it as she continued to work and make a name for herself, she would meet Eric Benét and Ne-yo, two men who have had huge impacts on her career thus far. Benét asked Boyd to join him on his world tour and Ne-yo was interested in signing her to his label, but he was willing to let her hit the road and get the tour experience and money.  Ne-yo told her that he would call her once she was back from the tour and in an industry filled with empty promises Candice wasn’t about to hold her breath.  But as promised, Ne-yo did call.

Formerly known as Candi Kush, Candice Boyd released a 2013 EP titled, Live From The Smokers Room EP, which is a preview of the talent she has become. Complete with visuals for the songs, Candice was a pleasure to listen to and watch. She’s since released several buzz singles and a track with Eric Bellinger.

Ne-yo would eventually take her into a meeting with LA Reid at Epic Records.  The veteran industry mogul basically signed her on the spot, putting his stamp of approval on the singer before other labels could get their hands on her.

Since the deal, Candice Boyd has been working on her major label debut EP, a yet to be titled project expected to be released in October.  With songs like the “Bitch Wit A Bat”, “You Mad” and the single, “Damn Good Time”, Candice Boyd clearly isn’t here to play games.

Watch The Candice Boyd “Damn Good Time” Video ft. French Montana Below:

I sat down with Candice Boyd recently at Epic Records to listen to her new EP, talk about music, her dynamic personality and the seven-year pilgrimage from signing her publishing deal to being on the verge of releasing her major label debut.  Here are some of the highlights from my conversation with the humble, oh so relatable singer.

I be talking about smoking and drinking, but I also be talking about some real as shit. You don’t know why I’m smoking this blunt! -Candice Boyd

L.A. Reid signed you on the spot, how did that feel

Overwhelming in a good way. I had just done a showcase for Motown and I was actually supposed to do a deal with them. And a week later they walked me into Epic. And L.A. just loved the music.

Hardest part of the musical journey

Staying patient.  Sometimes you’re so anxious to do well, so staying patient is the hardest part. Everyone’s like aren’t you excited and I’m like yeah I’m excited, but I’m ready for this step or I’m ready for this level.  I think I’ll probably shed a tear on the Grammy stage.

What keeps you in high spirits, helps you stay patient

Probably prayer. Sometimes you get discouraged but I can honestly say that every year was better than the last.  So even if I could say, I don’t have a deal yet, but I went from YouTube to like a pub deal. I didn’t even understand a publishing deal at the time but I was like oh it’s a record deal, let me sign. You know I was young and I didn’t have another entrance into the industry.  But what helped me through all that was prayer and staying confident and humble. Staying busy. Cause like I said you’ll lose your confidence and you’ll forget everything you did and all the steps that you took.

Careers before music

I haven’t done anything other than music as far as work.  I’ve probably had one job, for two months I worked at K-Mart. I started singing back-up after that.

Preference of Singing or Song Writing

I enjoy singing more. If I’m writing for myself, sure. If I’m writing for other people, I’m very authentic so if I’m writing for me it’s very raw. When I’m writing for other people, other artists, especially if you don’t know them it’s like your painting a picture and I’m not that damn creative all the time.

Earning the respect of her male counterparts

For the most part I’ve only worked with male artists but it’s dope to have them respect you as an artist.  Any artist that I work with, they know I’m coming there to work.  Yeah I smoke, I drink but they know I’m coming there to work.  The fact they know that ‘she gonna come over here and she gonna do her thing.’ That’s the best part of all of it.  It’s been all males so far so I can’t wait until my first real session with a female. No shade, no ill intentions.  I can’t wait for that.

What’s a “Damn Good Time” To You

It depends.  It doesn’t take much to make me happy. So I can either be at the studio, cooking, with family, amusement parks. Our version in the video is slightly different but realistically I don’t need to be in the club to have a good time. I like playing video games. That’s a damn good time for me.

In a year I will be…

Acting is a goal for the next year. Movies, dramas, comedies and sitcoms.

Biggest Misconception

When I meet people they all think I’m a rapper because of my persona.

What can listeners expect Candice Boyd

Authenticity. Relatability. I want them to be able to feel and laugh and cry.  I be talking about smoking and drinking, but I also be talking about some real as shit. You don’t know why I’m smoking this blunt!

Artists You Hope To Work With

André 3000, Lauryn Hill, Tamia. I like real 90s artists.  Of course you have your Beyoncé and Rihanna but I want to really work with legends.

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