Google Breaks Barriers with New Web Series, GodComplX

Google Premieres GodComplX Web Series About Black Woman Coder Living In Silicon Beach

Well, it’s a new dawn; it’s a new dayparticularly for women and minorities in technology. Multinational Fortune 500 company, Googlealong with YouTube Space LA, recently debuted a new web series, called, GodComplX —and broke some important barriers along the way.


Contrary to popular belief, the work force, overall, for women and minorities, too, is still very much biased and discriminatory in some aspects. Men are generally seen to do a ‘better’ job than women, while, on the other hand, men who are non-minorities are seen to do a ‘better’ job than those who are minorities. It’s a never-ending cycle. However, with GodComplX, the Google family has set out to shatter those stigmasonce and for all.


Starring YouTube sensation, Maya Washington (ShamelessMaya) and an outstanding cast, GodComplX aired its first episode, November 1st, on YouTube, bringing in a great quantity of viewers. The 10-episode series was funded by Google’s Computer Science Education in Media Team’a team designed to promote underrepresented females and minorities to not only use technology, but create it as well’.


The project’s initial goal was to create a digital way to shine light on the plethora of opportunities offered in computer science and other tech-related fields, globally, while conveying empowering storytelling and film making. The critically acclaimed series focuses on a 20-something-year-old African-American female who is also a coder. She moves in with fellow tech friends on LA’s Silicon Beach, navigating her way through and adjusting to her newfound lifestyle with her genius roomies.


“Our research shows that stereotypical images of people in computer science and other technical fields can negatively influence the likelihood that girls and minoritized groups imagine themselves engaging in those fields. I’m so proud of what we created with GodComplX, because it mirrors the reality of our world. Our hope is to encourage even more diversity in computer science because if you can see it, you can be it. “ GodComplX project lead, Daraiha Greene expressed.


The all star, diverse cast includes Nick Moss, Joshua Michael Moore, Shayna Spielman, Caleb Hwangbo, and, of course, Maya Washington. Striving to not only deliver a sundry cast, the creators developed the production crew, putting majority women in key positions.


“One of the great things about this project was that it gave me an opportunity to say ‘Yes’ and to give talented people in this industrywho are often told ‘No’, the chance to shine,” explained executive producer Claire Brown.


GodComplX airs every Tuesday night at 5pmCST/8pmEST on their YouTube channel,


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