T.I.’s Open Letter To Donald Trump

T.I. Pens Letter To Donald Trump About Current State of Things

Tip “T.I.” Harris has been getting a little more political as of late. His last project, Us or Else: Letter to the System, was all about the Black Lives Matter movement and addressing injustice as well as the police brutality that has been going on. Following his penned letter to President Barack Obama, T.I. decided to write another letter for the incoming president, a letter to Donald Trump.

In the letter, T.I. tries to remain respectful, while also noting his own frustration over the current state of things. He’s happy to tell Trump that he disagrees with him, and only hopes that things can be better.

“As I share my thoughts, I want to first say that it’s easy to allow one’s frustration and angst to lead to reckless and harmful rhetoric that can cause irreparable damage. With that said, I want to be responsible, honest and respectful, but in no way apologetic about the rage and resentment that many of US have been suppressing for far too long. In turn, I hope that we can be equally as honest about the prejudice, bias and narrow-mindedness that many of US have felt our nation has been disguising and denying for far too long.”

The rapper goes on to detail just how much black people have contributed to this country, yet we are still treated as though our lives have no meaning. He even Colin Kaepernick’s decision to take a knee during the national anthem.

“We do so much as take a knee during the national anthem and it’s looked upon as Un-American. Yet and still, as many of US continue to live in life-threatening, unspeakable conditions with poisonous water systems, failing schools, broken criminal justice systems, lack of decent healthcare and affordable housing, all while scraping for a basic living wage many of US are still fighting to find our way.”

“I’m now past bitter and on my way to better. Trying to become a better me so that I can better understand how to see a better you and be better for US. If we all just start there, then I believe we can truly make collective progress.”

You can hear T.I. reading his letter to Donald Trump out loud below:

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