Tips On Traveling To Cuba: How To Prepare Your For Money Concerns

Understanding The CUC Cuban Currency

I recently booked a trip and traveled to Cuba for the very first time, learning some vital tips along the way that I would like to share with you now.  If you’re thinking about traveling to Cuba, or are in the process of planning your first trip to the Caribbean island then take heed to these tips.  They can make your traveling plans and your trip go off without a hitch.  Here’s the second in the three part series:  developing an understanding of what you need to expect financially and the CUC currency.

Part One:  Acquiring Your Cuban Tourist Visa
Part Three:  Tips For Making It In Cuba, Where To Stay & How To Play

Once You’ve landed in Cuba!

  1. Cuba has 2 currencies; CUC (coke) is for tourists (that’s what you will get at the airport, the exchange booth is outside the airport) PP is the currency for locals.
  2. You can exchange money at the big “Americanish” hotels in town.  The signs will generally say for guests only, so please don’t blow up the spot.
  3. Banks really aren’t a thing and NO ONE takes debit or credit.
  4. NO ONE gives you change! Get small bills if you can. Make sure when people do give you back money that the bills aren’t ripped.  They have a thing about that and may refuse to accept ripped bills.
  5. In order to save money, you can go to your bank in the U.S. and exchange your money for Euros. Most banks take 2 days to do this for you so plan accordingly. Then when you get to Cuba, exchange your Euros for CUC.   This is guaranteed to save you money!
  6. The cab game is funny and they will charge you the tourist price. Around town do not pay more than 5-10 CUC for up to 8 ppl. There are also trains and buses for easy transportation as well.
  7. 1 CUC is equal to 1 Dollar most things there are not $1, but if you hand them 1 CUC they are not going correct you.


Pay Pal held my money for 4 days because I wrote Cuba to send money to my friend who bought my ticket.  Just don’t do it.


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