The Rise of The American Teen, Khalid

The Rise of Alternative R&B Singer, Khalid

If you’ve listened to the radio lately you may have noticed a simple soulful song with a chorus that goes: “send me your location.” This up and coming artist is Khalid Robinson or simply Khalid to his listeners. He is a 19 year-old alternative R&B singer with talent!

The young star admitted he was intimidated to show off his vocal skills because of his mother! Khalid’s mother, Linda Wolfe is his biggest musical inspiration, and he was worried he wouldn’t measure up to her singing ability. Lucky for him, this talent was passed down, now he’s able to live the life his mother once dreamed of.

As a kid Khalid moved constantly, living in a number of locations including, Kentucky, New York, and even Germany, due time his mothers position in the U.S. Army Chorus. For this reason he never really made many friends and and he didn’t feel he had a place to call home.

For his senior year of high school Khalid landed in El Paso, Texas where his mother was stationed at Fort Bliss. Moving from New York was tough for Khalid, having to move across the country once again. While facing turmoil with the move, he was also dealing with a breakup! But, he turned the pain into passion and found a way to express himself.

In December 2015, Khalid began to record his music with the equipment he had, and pushed his music on “SoundCloud”. Two years later Khalid’s song “Location” played on Kylie Jenners’ Snapchat as she and her friends jammed to the young artist.

Since then the song “Location” as well as Khalid’s popularity, has skyrocketed. December 2016, he announced The Location Tour. The tour began January 2017 in Chicago, and would come to an end on Valentine’s Day in Sacramento, California. Finally on March 3rd 2017, His debut album American Teen was released. The album is a mixture of sunshine, adolescence, love and adventure. Khalid’s soft, yet raspy voice soothes you and leaves you wanting more.

The much praised debut album American Teen has 15 songs, and it’s 54 minutes of storytelling. Songs such as “Saved” and “Shot Down” proves that this singer has a huge upside and will be a sound to get used to for years to come.

Only a month after this album release  and the hit single “Location” has been remixed featuring rapper Lil’ Wayne and singer Kehlani.

The only way to go from here for Khalid is up! It’ll be great to see what he has in store for the future, so be in the look out!

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