From Purple Naked Ladies to Ego Death – The Rise of The Internet

The Internet

Rise of Los Angeles Based Neo-Soul Band The Internet

The same year Tyler, the Creator mentioned Syd the Kyd’s sexuality in his paradigm shifting “Yonkers”, her band released their first album under Odd Future Records. Syd’s the lead singer of the Los Angeles based neo-soul band The Internet. Other members include  Matt Martians, Patrick Paige II, Christopher Smith, KiNTaRO, and Steve Lacy. The group has taken major strides in musical progression dating back to their debut in 2011.

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“Syd’s been tellin me she’s been getting intimate with men… SYD SHUT THE FUCK UP” – Tyler The Creator

Purple Naked Ladies, The Internet’s first album and the first album released on Odd Future’s label, received a well below average reception, though you can see the oozing potential they had to grow into the groovy group they are now. On Syd’s autobiographical “She DGAF”, she gets into full “ignorance is bliss” mode as she mentions shaving all her hair down to what it is now and blowing smoke to the clouds.


Fast forward to 2013,  as we near the end of the Summer and make our way towards a LA winter, The Internet dropped their sophomore LP Feel Good, a major upgrade from Purple Naked Ladies in just about every aspect. The smooth vocals and instrumental weaving in from one song to another made for a beautiful listen via car or laying back in bed with a little something rolled up and incense burning. “Sunset” is a highlight on this project, dusted in shimmering vocals, a soothing beachy hook over a ridiculously funky instrumental. What may be a very lengthy album, consisting of a 10 minute outro and multiple songs over 5 minutes, makes for an extremely seamless listen.


The pièce de résistance, Ego Death, their most recent album was not only a Grammy nominee, but a hell of a piece of work from front to back. “Girl”, the lead single, was played on Beats 1 on what seemed like a daily basis and for good reason.  A woozy beat produced by Montreal native Kaytranada coated in beautiful vocals as Syd provides a séance for those who aren’t well aware of just how good she is. On the album’s intro, “Get Away”, Syd attacks the idea of anymore humdrum 9 to 5 jobs she had become accustomed to but at the same time not letting the money take over her soul and psyche.


What The Internet brings to Odd Future is something far different than what you expect to hear when you hear those two words uttered on a sunny day out on Fairfax. They bring the subtle balance between experimentation and groove to make every song you hear set the perfect tone when you drive down Pacific Coast Highway, at any time of day. As they show their progression as each album releases, their glimmering possibilities and potential to blossom into something extra special shines through just as much.

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