Lecrae Releases What’s Said To Be His Greatest Album Yet, Titled ‘ATWT’

Lecrae’s ATWT Album is Changing The World By Providing Fans With Daily Inspiration And Motivation

In order to see change in the world, it must first start with YOU. You can think about, and even talk about the change you wish to see, but you will not see it until you take action. Christian Hip-Hop artist Lecrae is taking action to change the world by bringing more positivity into it. On his latest album titled, ATWT (All Things Work Together), he is putting out a kind of positivity that he’s always wished to see, and, certainly, one that a lot of people need.

Lecrae’s album ATWT was released on September 22nd and is already receiving so many positive reviews from his fans on Twitter, stating to be his greatest album yet. The Houston-bred rapper wanted to be as transparent as possible when creating this album while providing his listeners with inspiration, motivation, and someone to relate to. One Twitter user by the name of Jeremiah says, “My bro, your album isn’t just music, it’s more than that. You encourage my soul, and I can’t stop listening. Don’t quit, salute!” The picture was posted on Lecrae’s Instagram page with the caption, “Man… overwhelming. God uses crooked sticks to draw straight lines. #thankyou album link in the bio.”

With so much chaos and disaster happening in the world, we need more positivity. In an interview with Sirius XM radio, Lecrae speaks on the Hurricane Harvey incident that recently happened in Houston. He mentions that he has family members who have been affected by the disaster. Not only their homes but a family member’s business was also damaged in the water. He says that his album is being released during the perfect time because of the message that it offers. Things can be bad, but there is always hope if you remain positive and continue fighting.

The beautiful part about it is that Lecrae understands what it is like to come from struggle. One of the tracks from his latest album, titled “Broke”, touches base on how not having a lot, lifted him up, and made him the person he is today. Meanwhile, some people allow their struggles to make them less than the person they are meant to be. His album is an inspirational work of art, straight from his heart and soul. If you need an extra push in your life or to know you are not alone, then check it out, you won’t be disappointed!

Here’s an exclusive listen to Lecrae’s ‘ATWT’ album below!

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