[INTERVIEW] Author Yasmeen Patterson Talks Debut Book, I’m Busy, But I’m Still Cooking For Bae, Relationship Roles, & More

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First-Time Author Yasmeen Patterson Is Still Busy & Still Cooking For Bae

They say that ‘the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’, and first-time author Yasmeen Patterson is proving that statement to be true. With her debut release, I’m Busy, But I’m Still Cooking For Bae, Patterson is spicing things up a bit, in the bedroom and even in the kitchen. Taking readers on a fictional journey of erotic love and romance, I’m Busy, But I’m Still Cooking For Bae is the perfect combination of steamy tales, relationship advice, and hearty food recipes that are good for any lover’s soul. Fun, spicy, out of the ordinary, and relatable, this novel aims to enlighten readers on how to keep their relationship alive, while maintaining a full-time job and the quirks of everyday life. Whether you’re a girl boss–seeking ways to find a balance in your love life, the couple who’s struggling to reignite the spark, or maybe even a woman needing mouthwatering ideas for a candlelight dinner with your boo thang, I’m Busy, But I’m Still Cooking For Bae, is definitely a must-read novel and will keep you on your toes, page after page.

A native of College Park, Georgia, Yasmeen Patterson’s idea to break out into the authorism world actually came to her during a conversation with close friends, while listening to her girlfriends chat on about the difficulty in balancing their hectic work schedules and making time for ‘bae’. Patterson says after suggesting that her friends ‘cook for bae’, the concept for I’m Busy, But I’m Still Cooking For Bae was born. Already embodying a love for cooking, Patterson set out to combine her kitchen skills into a juicy novel, while offering guidance to those in relationship crises and providing captivating stories that would make it hard for any woman not to want to start ‘cooking for bae’ after taking a read.

An entrepreneurial maven, leader, and speaker, and, now, gifted author, Yasmeen Patterson has been diligently working to take her Cooking For Bae brand to new heights. It’s not just a book; it’s a movement! Putting her culinary and love expertise to use, the literary newcomer is on a mission to leave an influence worthwhile.

Check out our exclusive interview with Yasmeen Patterson, as we talk all things ‘bae’, relationship roles, and what’s next!

Eggplant Parmesan Recipe
Parlé Mag:
I’m Busy, But I’m Still Cooking For Bae is your debut onto the author scene. What I find extremely interesting is, this isn’t just your normal cookbook. It’s also a relationship guide and romance novel, all rolled into one! So, when coming up with the concept, what was the process of actually putting it together to bring to life?
Yasmeen Patterson: Before I started creating the short stories, I needed to decide what recipes I wanted to use. After creating a list of about thirty meals, I had to narrow it down to fourteen–which is two weeks of meals. The concepts of the stories were based around the meals, and certain stories are based on locations in which the meal originated from.

Parlé Mag: Where did your inspiration for the tales mostly come from? Were they based on real-life events and/or experiences?
Yasmeen Patterson: All of the stories are fiction. I will say that some of the situations and relationships, from myself and people around me, in the past, inspired some of the stories.

Parlé Mag: What did you enjoy most about writing this book?
Yasmeen Patterson: I enjoyed letting my imagination run wild. I was able to sit back and imagine if I was in this situation what would I do.

Parlé Mag: You previously talked about how the concept for I’m Busy, But I’m Still Cooking For Bae came up during a conversation that you were having with your girlfriends about neglecting ‘bae’ and learning how to make time for that significant other. Aside from ‘cooking for bae’, what do you think is the most important element to maintaining a balanced relationship and, at the same time, a busy lifestyle?
Yasmeen Patterson: Maintaining a balanced relationship alone is not easy. The easiest way for me to balance a busy lifestyle and a relationship is to include my significant other. If he likes to workout, I will go work out with him so that we can spend time together. Also, try to set a date night aside, once a week.

Parlé Mag: There has been this tug of war, particularly in the black community–amongst women and men, about gender roles. Especially when it relates to cooking for your mate. Some men believe that it’s a woman’s ‘duty’ to be in the kitchen, while most women believe that the responsibility should be shared. So, honestly speaking, what are your views on that?
Yasmeen Patterson: I don’t think that it is a woman’s duty to be in the kitchen, because if we say it as ‘woman’s duty’, then it’s a ‘man’s duty’ to be the breadwinner, and she should not go to work. I feel like times has changed, and whatever makes your relationship work is what you should do. Now. I do feel like I woman should know how to cook. Although times have changed, women should know how to maintain and feed their families.

Parlé Mag: As you said, times have changed, and women are a lot more independent in modern day. Why do you think that’s scary or intimidating for some men?
Yasmeen Patterson: It’s scary for men because men want to feel needed. The biggest ego burst for a man is when he cannot handle his family’s needs. If women are making six figures, buying houses, cars, raising kids–single, and striving at it, the man is watching from the sideline, like, “What does she need me for?” Because of this, women need to embrace success–because success is great, but, also, allow a man to be a man. Allow the man to feel as if he is leading his family.

Parlé Mag: I’m Busy, But I’m Still Cooking For Bae being your first release, what were you striving for your readers to gain from it?
Yasmeen Patterson: I want the reader to know that the same way you got your significant other is the same way you want to keep them. Don’t let yourself go because you are busy. Keep your relationship spicy. Cook a romantic meal with some pumps and bring back the sexy in your relationship.

Parlé Mag: Did you always see yourself as an author or was this something that just developed later in life?
Yasmeen Patterson: I always said that I wanted to write a book about my life when the time was right. The time still is not right. [laughs] So, instead, I decided to step into fiction.

Parlé Mag: Have you thought about writing a sequel to I’m Busy, But I’m Still Cooking For Bae or possibly turning it into a book series?
Yasmeen Patterson: Yes, I have thought about a sequel. I am actually debating now about if I want to keep the same characters or create new ones.

Parlé Mag: Who are your top five women in literature?
Yasmeen Patterson: Sister Souljah, Terry Mcmillan, J.K. Rowling, E.L. James, and my editor, Sevyn McCray.

Parlé Mag: What advice would you offer other aspiring authors?
Yasmeen Patterson: Stick to the plan. Never give up on your dreams. Let your imagination run while when you write. Take your craft seriously. Love what you do and do what you love.

Parlé Mag: What’s next for Yasmeen Patterson?
Yasmeen Patterson: I plan on creating more books and taking the Cooking For Bae brand to another level. I’m Busy, But I’m Still Cooking For Bae is just the beginning.


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