Brit’tney Powell Is Becoming A Powerhouse with Her Kay Couture Brand

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Brit’tney Powell is a mother, nurse, stylist, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and now, the first African-American woman and sole proprietor to distribute through Wal-Mart. We had the opportunity to talk to this Alabama powerhouse about her brand, Kay Couture and the importance of following your dreams.

Parlé Mag:  Kay Couture has become a national success. Tell us more about your brand.
Brit’tney Powell: We started off with just clothes. I have now expanded to a skincare line, a cosmetic line and a beard care line.

Parlé Mag: How did Kay Couture start?
Brit’tney Powell: I had a restaurant and that was shut down. I prayed, asking God “What’s next?” There has always been a passion for fashion, this particular morning, He awakened me at 3 am. I found some old sketches, did some research for US based manufacturers and started making clothing. At the time, my manager was very well connected with celebrities. And that just took right off! As far as the cosmetics, my oldest daughter and I always had a weekend project. One day we made this lipstick and from there it became a full line of all natural based cosmetics.

Parlé Mag: Your products are available in Wal-Mart, how did that come about?
Brit’tney Powell: I reached out to them, there were six major distributors I was trying to get into. I had an offer with another company, who now is shutting down. Wal-Mart was the hardest to get to. It took a whole year, but I did it. My supplier didn’t think I would make it and that it would take me 3 or 4 years to start seeing a profit.

Brit'tney Powell
Parlé Mag: Well, thank your supplier for your motivation and support! Not only did you do it, but you are also the first African-American woman sole proprietor in Walmart. Congratulations!
Brit’tney Powell: Yes, thank you. They get thousands of applications each day, mine went through immediately. I always tell people that favor is fair. There were many tears and much heartache. At one point, me and my kids were sleeping in my car because we didn’t have anywhere to live. So much went on behind the scenes to get us to this point. I didn’t know any of their statistics, they came to me and told me that I had that title.

Parlé Mag: Yes! Favor is fair! What has been your biggest struggle in starting or maintaining your brand?
Brit’tney Powell: Being a sole proprietor, I don’t have any investors, partners or major backing. It’s just me! If I don’t make the money, I don’t have rent. I’ve made it this far without loans. I saved my income tax two years in a row and invested in myself.

Parlé Mag: Whoa, that’s very commendable that you did it without loans! And you’ve been able to maintain. What would you say set Kay Couture apart from similar or other brands?
Brit’tney Powell: Thank you. Um, always changing. Styles change everyday and you have to keep up. Six years ago, there was only one way to do a smokey eye, now there’s dozens. With our cosmetics, we have a mood lipstick that goes on one color and as your body temperature increases or decreases, the color gets bolder or softer. You have to bring something different to the table to set you apart, for me, it was our lipstick.

Parlé Mag: What keeps you going?
Brit’tney Powell: My children. I’m the single mother of two. Growing up in my household, it was the ultimate cardinal sin to have have kids out of wedlock. People said I could never have a husband or be anything. My own mother told me, “You would never have anything, with your fat self.” I took all of that, and proved them wrong. Dreams may be delayed but they are never denied. It took me a little longer, but my children are my inspiration. A wise man leaves an inheritance for their children. My girls can take Kay Couture and go even further.

Parlé Mag: Talk about resilience, you are amazing! What is your primary focus as a motivational speaker?
Brit’tney Powell: I speak about everything, from relationships to domestic violence. Lately it’s been more entrepreneurial workshops. It’s my goal to help people realize that we all have a gift and something that sets us apart. Those gifts can become a profitable brand if you market yourself. I also speak to single parents to let them know they can achieve their goals and be their own boss. Everyone can’t be Beyonce, but you can be you and that’s more than enough.

Parlé Mag: You’re absolutely correct! Lastly, tell us where we can find your products.
Brit’tney Powell: Wal-Mart carries my full line: the clothing, cosmetics and skincare. You can also visit my website We are constantly updating and adding new products.

Parlé Mag: It’s been great talking to you, thank you for taking the time to speak to us about Kay Couture.
Brit’tney Powell: Absolutely! Thank you.

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