Rihanna Is Coming For Your Wallets with Savage x Fenty Lingerie Line

Ms. Robyn Fenty is about to break our banks (in a good way) once again. On May 11, 2018 Rihanna will be officially launching her new Savage x Fenty lingerie line. (@savagexfenty on Instagram)

It is time for the Rihanna Navy to be summoned, show out, and sound off!

Now let’s just clear the air, this woman has been BUSY! Nobody knows how she has the time or all this creative sauce flowing through her, but us Rihanna-stans appreciate it. First there was FentyXPuma. And, I can’t lie-that ‘this is for my bad bishes, je ne sais quoi’ is all over those shoes. Then Ms. Robyn blessed our visual sexyiness with the Fenty Beauty… and the body lava! I mean these beauty products have us (me) looking like the beautiful wheeling, dealing, kiss stealing, sun drenched, queen of the goddesses we (I) are (am). I especially appreciate sharing my sexy glitter sauce with other queens, my clothing, my bedding, and any man that so much as breathes in my direction. It emphasized the importance of inclusion, and representation for all women.  Which, realistically is a bigger industry and social issue than many people realize. And now we get lingerie! I don’t think there’s is any woman alive that doesn’t feel good in a good, new pair of underwear. 

Quality wise, Rihanna has produced some top notch products. That quality generates free promo through word of some star studded mouths like J.Lo, Taraji P. Henson, Dascha Polanco, and Gabrielle Union, to name a few. But, when it comes to any sort of apparel, some designs just don’t work for all people. Especially when it comes to fitting all the different curves in flattering lingerie.  RiRi has us covered though, literally. Some of the campaign promotions feature the completely gorg models, who are very well endowed, Audrey Ritchie and Lulu Bonfills. If Rih has got something for those babes, she has done us all a body positive service. Per the words of Ms. Robyn, “ Savages come in all shapes and sizes.” And to commit to the concepts of inclusivity and diversity, the Savage x Fenty lingerie will range from sizes XS-3XL: The bras will cover up to a 44DD. And this is just with the product launch, meaning there is room to grow! (pun intended)

Even though the Savage x Fenty pieces aren’t available yet, there is a waiting list (sign up at SAVAGEX.com). You can add your name to the list, your size deets, and count down the hours and minutes on the launch date tracker in the meantime. However, additional details beyond sneak peaks on IG are being withheld by TechStyle Fashion Group (the old JustFab). 

Even though it’s been a few years (three to be correct) since we’ve gotten a bag gal ear banger, this woman refuses to be silenced. She has been securing the bag, hinting at new music, and forging an entire Fenty empire.  It is absolutely time for the Navy to get on this wave, with credit cards in hand. The RIHvolution will not be televised.

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