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[INTERVIEW] Stunning Memphis Bred Talent, Porcelan Is A Breath of Fresh Air

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Such a powerful and compelling sound bellows into the microphone when soulful songstress, Porcelan steps to the stand. Captivating audiences and quickly claiming her stake in R&B music, the Memphis native has all the makings of a timeless star on the rise. Praised as Apple Music’s Independent Artist of the Month for June, Porcelan is a talented breath of fresh air to the industry.

We recently caught up with the songstress to talk about her career goals, recently released single, “Lois Lane” and much more.  Check out our entire interview with Porcelan below.

Parlé Mag:  You were recently on a promo tour, what’s was your favorite part about that?
Porcelan: I love being able to introduce myself to new audiences and seeing how the crowd reacts because it’s all about the people and how the music makes them feel! I have the opportunity to create that experience for them, build relationships and gain supporters. It’s has been really, really fun.

Parlé Mag:  And people are certainly connecting and loving you! You were Apple Music’s Independent Artist of the Month, back in June! Congratulations!
Porcelan: Thank you! That was a huge surprise.

Parlé Mag:  Did you celebrate?
Porcelan:  I’m still celebrating, in my mind! We’re always working but we did celebrate a little. I’m just happy to be busy doing what I love!

Parlé Mag:
  It’s an amazing feeling, for sure. What do you think sets you apart from other artists?
Porcelan:  My music is young and hip, but it’s also soulful. It’s taking about something, and that makes the listener connect to it on a personal level.

Parlé Mag:  Your latest single, “Lois Lane” creates that personal connection. Let’s talk about that for a second.
Porcelan:  Yes it does! Ironically, initially, I was the only person gung-ho about it. Everyone else was skeptical and unsure, constantly asking “Are you sure, this is the one?!” I just had a good feeling about “Lois Lane”. There is definitely an emotional connection with this song that I think a lot of women can relate to. With any song, once I know the concept, I relate it to myself in order to bring it to life. That connection is what made me want to stand behind “Lois Lane.”

Watch the visual for “Lois Lane” here:

Parlé Mag:  Oh wow, it’s a good thing you did! “Lois Lane” was also ranked number twenty-two on Urban A.C. Radio.
Porcelan:  Yes! That was unexpected, as well! But you have to learn to trust you gut and my gut feeling was that this was the song to put out.

Parlé Mag:  Can we expect a full album?
Porcelan: I’m working on it! We may have some collaborations or we may make it all about me, I’m not sure yet, but it will be out soon!

Parlé Mag:  Awesome. You’re from Memphis, the birthplace of so many musical icons and talent. Anybody you look up to?
Porcelan:  I am an old school kind of girl and those are a lot of the artist and influences that I adore. Aretha [Franklin] and Whitney [Houston] voices are insanely AMAZING. When I think of Otis Redding, Bootsy Collins, Chaka Khan the common ground is that there was only one. They didn’t have to compete with anyone else because they took what was unique about them and capitalized on what made them special. They were a star then and they are still stars present day. I study their art form because if it worked then, it can work now. I also admire Beyoncé and Rihanna. Rihanna is a brand in all that she does. Beyoncéis still hungry; every time she performs it’s like her first time. Her work ethic is amazing and she truly lives up to the hype built up around her.

Parlé Mag:
  With that in mind, what are your own career goals?
Porcelan:  Oh man. I want so much, ya know? I want to build a fan base like those guys have. The Bey-Hive don’t play! I would like to have brand endorsements, win a Grammy, sell out tours. It’s all achievable if executed in the right way.

Parlé Mag:  Certainly and you’re on way to to achieving it! You recently got the opportunity to perform at Essence Festival.  Talk to us about that experience.
Porcelan: I was so excited!  It was an honor to be sharing the stage with some of the best and to have a chance to meet them. Not many new artists are blessed to be a part of something so major! Essence Festival is HUGE! It was such a great experience and and a true honor.

Parlé Mag:  Your performance was amazing! Anything else you want to share with us?
Porcelan:  Thank you ! If you want to know what cities I’ll be in next during this promo tour visit

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