Can You Name 4 Famous Movies Filmed in Asheville?

Although we all love those amazing blockbusters, few people realize that many of them were filmed literally in their backyards. At least, some of the award-winning cinematography was filmed ‘on location’ rather than in some Hollywood studio. If you live in, or have ever traveled through North Carolina, can you identify any of your favorite flicks that were filmed in Asheville? Bear in mind that not all scenes from the following movies were filmed in Asheville, but you may quickly remember seeing that scenery now that it is brought to your attention. Can you name 4 movies filmed in Asheville? Try these for starters.

1. Masterminds

Filmed in the summer of 2014 and released in October 2016, Masterminds is an action comedy boasting a long line of stars. One of the most famous scenes was filmed on College Street, and if you were around for the real Loomis Fargo heist in 1997, this film will remind you of that time, but with more than a hint of humor.

2. The Hunger Games

Who hasn’t seen The Hunger Games or its sequels? Filmed in several locations near Asheville, this is probably the most famous movie ever to be filmed in the area. For those who love games, especially action packed adventure games, you might want to visit a popular Asheville breakout room. The exciting part of Asheville escape rooms is that you get to solve a real mystery and only have one hour to do so or you won’t be released from the locked room you are held hostage in – at least until the hour is up. Beat the clock and your team wins.

3. The Clearing

In the escape rooms in Asheville, you might get to solve a kidnapping, but in Robert Redford’s The Clearing, the film focuses around the kidnapping of a tycoon. Filmed at a former boys’ camp located just about a half hour outside of Asheville, this film puts you in a frame of mind to try that breakout room! Do you think you could find the kidnapper? Don’t forget, you have a team of players to help.

4. Bull Durham

Did you know that at the time of filming the movie Bull Durham, the baseball park that set the stage for the film was the second oldest field in the nation? McCormick Field has since undergone major renovations, but the film, starring Kevin Costner will always be remembered as a major hit right out of the field.

How many more movies can you identify as having been filmed in or near Asheville? There were actually quite a few more but most were not quite the box office hits as the ones mentioned above. You might also like to know that parts of Dirty Dancing weas also filmed in western North Carolina. Residents of the area remember the late Patrick Swayze with fondness and even host a Dirty Dancing Festival each year. Isn’t it fun to look back at all your favorite flicks to see which ones might have been filmed right around the corner from where you live?

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