Chris Rock Receives Major Backlash After Whitney Houston Drug Joke

Bobby Brown Responds to Chris Rock’s Distasteful Whitney Houston Remark

Everybody Hates Chris?!

Things aren’t looking too good for actor-comedian Chris Rock, and it’s all due to a joke he made on Instagram.

Yesterday, the 54-year-old Saturday Night Live alumni posted a meme of Whitney Houston to his social media account, which read: “Me sitting in a meeting that could’ve been an email.” In the photo, the singer is seen with shades on, appearing completely unenthused.

However, it wasn’t the image itself that had people in an uproar; it was the caption that Rock used.

“Hurry up I got crack to smoke,” he teasingly wrote.

Subsequently, Rock’s comment section went up in flames, with angry fans and even Houston’s ex-husband, Mr. Bobby Brown.

The R&B icon replied by saying, “During this time of women empowerment you chose to use your time to try and humiliate our QUEEN!!!”

We’re guessing that Rock couldn’t take the heat because the post has since been removed.

Check out the receipts below, and let us know your thoughts.

Chris Rock

Chris Rock


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