The Best New iPhone 11 Hacks

The new iPhone 11 is still very much the talk of the town, and more and more people are discovering its new hacks. It has some revolutionary design changes which may appease or infuriate iPhone devotees. Regardless of your opinion on these new design changes, you will want to know what new functions and tricks could benefit your user experience.  Here are the best iPhone 11 hacks.

Embrace dark mode

Dark mode is being embraced by phone manufacturers and apps alike in recent months. This power-saving tool is not just kinder on your battery life, but also easier on your eyes. Any late-night YouTube watching or website browsing can be done in a way that doesn’t strain your eyes quite so much. There is a helpful Dark Mode toggle, so you won’t need to worry about it being difficult to find.

Upgrade your selfie videos

On your older smartphones, you may have been reluctant to film using the selfie camera due to its lesser video quality. This, however, is no longer the case for iPhone 11 users. You can upgrade to a 4k video experience by a simple menu switch. This is great for those who rely on digital presentations and conferences for their work. No more low-resolution selfie-videos for iPhone 11 users.

Invest in a durable phone case

If you want to protect the glass that covers the front screen, then your best bet is to invest in a high-quality case and screen protector. You can find BodyGuardz iPhone 11 protectors easily online and get them delivered to your home. This means you’ll have a shatter-resistant phone and no worries of any absent-minded moments that could cause your phone to come to ruin.

Know that the burst function hasn’t disappeared

For the iPhone photographers of this world, don’t panic: the burst function hasn’t completely vanished. It’s a bit less obviously placed than before, however. To use the burst function, you simply hold down the shutter and swipe left. A little ticker should appear in the shutter, documenting how many new snaps you are taking within the burst.

Use the volume button in multiple ways

The volume button has been used to capture images on previous iPhone models, but it’s pleasing to know that it still has multiple uses, including a new bonus feature. Not only can you use it to take one-handed snaps, but you can also use the volume to take QuickTake videos. The blur between video and photo is becoming increasingly apparent in newer iPhone models. While the burst function has become slicker, it’s important to know that the volume button isn’t included in this operation.

The new iPhone 11 has created plenty of excitement around both gadget and photography enthusiasts alike. This new model has confused a few people, particularly with how the burst function is engaged. Worry not, however, as all the older functions still exist, albeit in slicker, more discreet forms. This is a great phone for those who enjoy seeing the iPhone’s functionality become slicker and more precise.

Photo by Jan Kolar / VUI Designer on Unsplash

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