9 Best Business Ideas for Small Businesses in Las Vegas

Small Businesses in Las Vegas
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Luxury casinos, breath-taking scenery, and 42 million visitors a year makes Las Vegas an ideal spot to start a business.

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We all dream of sticking it to the man and turning our business dreams into a reality.  And with so many industries ready to capitalize on, it leaves us wondering which one we’re best suited for.

To help you, we’ve compiled a list of small businesses in Las Vegas.

But First, Things to Consider

You’ve decided Las Vegas is ready for you and your business.  But before it’s set in stone, decide whether:

  • Your desired demographic lives in the area you’ve chosen
  • The local competition is strong and if it’s too saturated
  • There’s local support for businesses

Once you’ve broken down the nitty-gritty, it’ll be easier for you to start your business. Here’s some tips on how to start an LLC. There are also many benefits to choosing Nevada as it has a low cost of living. Also, there is no corporate or franchise tax regardless of whether you live in the state or not.

The Top 9 Small Businesses in Las Vegas

If you’re not 100% sure on ideas for a small business in Vegas, consider:

  1. Admin Business

To start a business in Las Vegas, you must decide what customers or other businesses need.

Enter administration.

All businesses rely on the administration to keep things ticking over.  If you have experience in bookkeeping, tax preparation services, or legal services then this is the perfect opportunity to start a new venture.

  1. Tech-Related Business

Over 3.7 billion people are surfing the web and using devices.  This is great if you’re thinking of starting a small business in Las Vegas and you can work well with computers.

You could go into repairs, IT Support, Video Production, Web Design, Data Entry, and Social Media Consulting.

  1. Property Maintenance 

If you’re planning Las Vegas small business ideas, then it’s important to find one with a low start-up cost.

Cleaning up after someone or maintaining someone’s beloved garden is difficult but these are niches that are always in high demand.

Start small and build up other services like landscaping, tree trimming or weeding, as you expand your skillset.

In general, people are “time-poor” so they outsource their domestic chores like lawn mowing and gardening, giving small businesses a chance to thrive. There is always a demand for Gardening as residential developments are always being built in Las Vegas.

Also the worldwide push towards “green spaces” means you’ll never be out of a job.

  1. Pet-Care 

There are currently 183 pet-friendly hotels in Las Vegas and if you’re an animal lover brainstorming Vegas small business ideas, why not cash in?

Pet owners shower their furry friends in love by giving them high-quality food, grooming, and the occasional health check so you know the market is a safe one.

In the beginning, if you don’t want to be lumbered with too much stock, offer a pet walking service.  Not everyone has time to walk their pets due to busy schedules so you should step in.

  1. Consultancy Business 

Consulting with small businesses means you help them strategize, problem solve and develop relevant business skills and knowledge.

It is also wise to venture into Green practices as laws in Las Vegas are easing up on employees using cannabis. If you’re interested then read more here.

  1. Restaurants and Catering Business 

Restaurants are recession-proof as everyone’s gotta eat.  The food industry in the United States has catapulted from $379 billion to $800 billion in 2017 and continues to be a promising industry in Nevada.

The population in Las Vegas is growing and welcomes people from various ethnic groups and backgrounds.

If you’re planning on opening a restaurant or catering business, first consider a food truck or a shipping container restaurant before you get your business up and running.

  1. Marketing Services  

Businesses must establish their brand identity to reach out to customers.  This is where you come in as you brainstorm ways to establish awareness and boost their brand.

Even though it’s a competitive market, you can keep overhead expenses low as you can do the work remotely.

  1. Party Rental Business

Las Vegas is built on parties.

People are visiting for various events like weddings, birthday parties, a bachelorette party, or just as a weekend away.

A party rental business is a brilliant way to make money in Las Vegas as all you need is to stock up on party items and then rent them out.

This means you can do this as a side-hustle to ensure you still have a steady stream of income coming in.

  1. Real Estate Business

In terms of real estate, Las Vegas has been on the up in recent years.  There are many destinations popular at certain times of the year and empty in the rest, but that’s not Las Vegas.

Thanks to the Las Vegas strip and casinos, people always visit on business or pleasure.  This means you can enjoy a constant flux of people who want to rent your property.

Also, Las Vegas is known for its business conventions and trade shows which also helps bring business travelers through the door.

Which Business Venture Will You Choose?

There are many opportunities for small businesses in Las Vegas.  Whether it’s taking on a new venture or maximizing your current skill set, it’s possible to make your business lucrative.

For example, cash in on Las Vegas’s non-stop party scene from setting up a party rental business or a catering business to accommodate weddings.

And, if you want the big business, consider Las Vegas and it’s up-and-coming real estate market.  Good luck!

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