How to Up Your Gift-Giving Game This Christmas

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Christmas is almost here, which means that the rush for last-minute gifts is upon us. Not everyone can receive the perfect gift year after year, but with a few simple tricks, you can easily up your game and make this season really special for your loved ones. All it takes is a bit of creativity and some thinking outside the box. More often than not, a physical gift is not the way to go, as more people prefer experiences over materialism. Whether that experience is a one-off course, a subscription that really tests the boundaries of a loved ones’ hobby, or an event – here are some suggestions to make your gift incredible this year in pursuit of the perfect gift:

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Think of Unique Ways to Expand Their Current Hobbies

Looking at someone’s hobbies is a great way to find inspiration for the perfect gift. If they like to paint, you can find a painting class that will teach them a new technique. If they enjoy cooking, you can sign them up for a cooking group, or book them an evening at a great restaurant. This is the easiest way to give them something they will love, while also giving them something new to try. It doesn’t always have to be an experience, either. If they are avid vaping fans, then you can sign them up and pay for a few months of ZampleBox, which provides new flavors every month from over 300 top brands.

Make New Memories Together

If you two share a love for something, then find a gift for both of you. Go out to see a show together, take a class together, or even book a trip together. It’s a way to share in something you love because often it’s not just the experience that makes something a great gift, but it’s sharing it with someone who is equally passionate about it, too.

Offer New Solutions or Experiences

Rather than expand on existing hobbies or lifestyles, offer your loved ones something new. If they love cooking, get them a taster session involving cake decorating. Or if they are starting to get involved with sustainability, get them a zero-waste kit. Buy gifts that could change their lives and how they live. Often, because something is new, people are more hesitant to buy it, as they don’t know if it will be worth it. You won’t always introduce them to some revolutionary item, but you will give them the opportunity to expand their every day for the better, and that is a great gift.

Give the Gift of Tradition

If you only intend to gift something small, then make it a tradition. Buying a new Christmas bauble for your parents every year is a great tradition that works with the season and can be very thoughtful – especially if you plan for it in advance. When this item is a tradition, you can keep an eye out for it wherever you go. Buy a Christmas decoration when you are traveling, for example, and your parents can have decorations from around the world.

Giving the perfect gift will require you to anticipate your loved ones’ desires, but by avoiding getting them something they want, and instead introducing them to something new, you can surprise and delight them year after year.

Image by Ylanite Koppens from Pixabay

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