How to Detox Your Skin and Body: 8 Ways That Work

Detox Your Skin and Body

When you decide it’s time to detoxify your skin, most people believe that they have to give up fatty foods and sugar for a complete detox. While removing fatty foods and processed sugars from your diet does have health-boosting benefits, there are many ways that you can detox your skin and body without giving up any of your favorite foods.

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Finding ways that you can add into your daily lifestyle to help your body detoxify can help you to balance your immune system and detoxify your skin.

Are you trying to learn how to detox your skin and body? We’ve created a complete guide with seven ways that you can go about completing a detox that’ll help to boost your overall health. Keep reading to learn more!

What Is a Detox? 

A detox, also referred to as detoxification, is a way that you can boost your body’s natural detoxification system to help eliminate the level of toxins in your body.

One of the most common misconceptions about detoxing is that you have to invest in a special diet or supplements to help your body detox. However, we’ve created seven of the most efficient ways that you can detox your body without spending tons of money.

How Does Detoxification Work? 

The term detoxification refers to cleansing your blood. You can cleanse your blood by removing impurities that are located in your liver, where toxins are eliminated. Your body also removes toxins from your bloodstream by using the intestines, lymphatic system, skin, and kidneys.

By completing a detox, you can help your body to:

  • Rest your digestive system fix fasting
  • Improve the circulation of your blood
  • Refueling your body‘s natural energy sources with healthy macronutrients
  • Stimulating your liver to remove toxins from your body efficiently

Detoxifying your body works, because you’re addressing the needs of your individual cells by removing dangerous toxin buildup.

How to Know When It’s Time to Detox

There are symptoms that your body will show when it’s time for you to detox. In your microbiome, there are billions of bacteria that live inside your gut. When they’re out of balance, your body is unable to properly clear out toxins.

When this happens, you’ll start feeling symptoms. The symptoms are way for your body to communicate with you that it’s having trouble detoxifying. Here are some signs that they present themselves when it’s time for you to detoxify:

  • Unexplained weight gain
  • Trouble losing weight
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Memory problems
  • Feeling sluggish, or tired
  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Indigestion
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Puffy under eyes
  • Dark eyes circles

The presence of one or more of the symptoms it’s a sign that your body is struggling to detoxify. By providing your body with a healthy detox, you’ll help to rebalance your body’s natural detoxification system.

How to Detox Your Skin and Body

You don’t have to invest in expensive supplements or a new diet program to begin a detoxification. Here are some of the best ways that you can detox your skin and body:

Introduce Probiotics Into Your Lifestyle

Introducing high-quality probiotic supplements it’s your daily lifestyle will introduce healthy bacteria that can help to rebalance the environment of your gut health. As you begin adding probiotics into your life, you’re giving good bacteria a chance to crowd out the bad microbes that live in your gut.

When you first introduce probiotics into your gut, the large quantities of the bad bacteria that are dying will begin to release toxins, before you’re able to remove them from your body. Your immune system will develop a response to this large release of toxins, which can cause you to experience temporary changes in bowel movements, skin sensitivity, and digestive comfort.

While this can feel uncomfortable, it’s a sign that the probiotics you’re using to detox your body are balancing the flora within your gut microbiome. Overtime, this will support a strong foundation for a healthy body.

The gut microbes in your digestive system significantly support the overall health of your body.

Microbes are responsible for binding to heavy metals and detoxifying large accumulations of these metals in your body. Some of these metals include mercury, arsenic, and lead.

You can learn more about how probiotics support your overall health by visiting

Prioritize Your Sleep

By ensuring a quality night’s sleep, you’re able to support your body‘s natural detoxification system. Sleeping enough every night allows your brain to recharge, while your body can focus on removing toxins that have accumulated in your body throughout the day.

Research has shown that one of the toxins that build up in your body throughout the day, yet detoxifies at night while you’re sleeping, is beta-amyloid. This dangerous protein has been linked to the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

Depriving your body of sleep not only habits your body‘s natural detoxification system, but it also provides toxins with the chance to build up. Sleeping for at least 7 to 9 hours every night is the best way to encourage your body‘s natural detoxification system.

If you have trouble sleeping at night, you could make lifestyle changes by sticking to a strict sleeping schedule and eliminating the use of any mobile devices or computers for at least two hours before you plan on going to bed.

Increase Your Intake of Water 

Drinking enough water isn’t just a quince your thirst. It’s also responsible for lubricating your joints, absorbing nutrients, regulating your body temperature, aiding in digestion, detoxifying your body.

As your body focuses on repairing cells, it has to break down these cells and transfer them your body to use as a source of energy. However, the breaking down of nutrients creates waste, in the form of carbon dioxide and urea.

If harmful levels of this waste accumulate in your blood, the waste becomes unmanaged, and can impact your health.

Adequate levels of water in your body help to transport these products out of your body through breathing, sweating, and urination.

Making sure that you’re drinking at least 3.7 L of water a day for men and 2.7 L of water for women, you’ll have to ensure that your body is getting an adequate level of water to detoxify your body.

Keep in mind that your daily intake for water may change depending on where you live, your activity level, and your diet.

Eat Foods Rich in Antioxidants

Antioxidants are responsible for protecting yourselves against damage caused by free radicals.

When free radicals aren’t properly managed in your body, it’s a medical condition that’s referred to as oxidative stress. Oxidative stress naturally occurs in your body due to cellular processes. However, exposure to pollution, a poor diet, smoking, alcohol consumption, and the use of tobacco produces an excessive level of free radicals.

Free radicals damage the cells in your body, and have been linked to the development of liver disease, heart disease, cancer, dementia, and other medical conditions.

By eating a diet that’s rich in antioxidants, your body can fight against free radicals. As a result, this will reduce the levels of oxidative stress, which decreases your risk of chronic diseases.

Antioxidants that you should focus on including in your diet or vitamin C, selenium, vitamin A, and vitamin D. Foods such as cocoa, fruits, nuts, vegetables, berries, coffee, and green tea are all high in these antioxidants.

Reduce Your Alcohol Consumption

Did you know that more than 90% of alcohol metabolizes in your liver?

When you consume alcohol, the enzymes in your liver metabolize alcohol to acetaldehyde, which is known to be a chemical that causes cancer. When your body recognizes acetaldehyde, your natural response is to convert it to acetate, which your body is easily able to eliminate.

While alcohol in small quantities may have some health-boosting benefits, consuming an excessive amount of alcohol can damage your liver. When you damage your liver, it’s not able adequately filter toxins and waste from your body.

By abstaining or limiting your alcohol consumption, you can easily keep your liver performing at its best.

Decrease Your Intake of Salt

Some detoxification diets encourage the elimination of extra water. This is because these diets claim that by decreasing your intake of water, you’ll help to shed those excess pounds.

However, the extra weight that you’re holding onto is actually because you’ve been consuming too much salt. By consuming too much salt, it causes an excess buildup of fluid that can cause you to bloat.

If you’ve found that your clothes are a little bit tighter or that you’ve gained weight quickly, increasing your water intake and decreasing the amount of salt that you’re consuming will help you to detox for your body from the extra water weight you’re holding onto.

When you consume inadequate levels of water, combined with consuming an excessive level of salt, your body releases a hormone that’s called the antidiuretic hormone. This antidiuretic hormone stops your body from urinating, which means, but it’s not able to properly detoxify your body of excessive toxins.

Increasing your water intake will allow your body to reduce the production of the antidiuretic hormone, resulting in increased urination. As a result, your body will be able to live a more water and more toxins from your blood.

Another way to decrease your salt intake is by increasing your consumption of potassium-rich foods. By including more potassium in your diet, you’re going to counterbalance the negative effects of sodium. Try eating more potatoes, can you beans, spinach, squash, and bananas to fight against the adverse effects of sodium.

Start Exercising More

When you increase exercise into your daily lifestyle, your body can fight against inflammation. While many people recommend increasing your daily activity to fight against obesity, high blood pressure, and heart disease, exercise is a great way to balance your body is inflammation levels.

Lowering the inflammation levels found in your body and your natural detoxification systems can properly protect your body against disease.

By completing at least 300 minutes of moderate-intensity exercises a week, you can help your body to lower your information levels, and encourage your body’s natural detoxification system to work efficiently.

Brush Your Skin Daily

By dry brushing your skin for five minutes every day, you’re helping to stimulate the lymphatic system and exfoliate your skin. Stimulating the lymphatic system in your body will help to remove toxins and reset your hormone receptors.

Unlike other systems in your body, the lymphatic system is dependent on the motion of muscles to increase circulation in your body. If you aren’t regularly moving your muscles, your lymphatic system can stay stagnant, which results in the accumulation of toxins.

Not only does dry brushing stimulate your lymphatic system, but it also helps to exfoliate away dead cells and cell waste off of the top layer of your skin. If you notice that your skin is especially dry, using dry-brushing for skin exfoliation can help to lead you to brighter and clearer skin.

Understanding How to Detox Your Skin and Body

Understanding how to detox your skin and your body can help to improve your overall health drastically. Not only will you notice an improvement in the appearance of your skin, but you may even feel more energetic and clear-minded.

Are you just said in learning more ways to improve your health? Feel free to check out the news section of our blog!

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