Autumn is Best Spent in Chianti

If you can schedule your trip to Chianti during autumn, you will be graced with the happy dance of multicolored leaves and flowers, as they create a carpet for all those walking along the streets. This is also the time when the hills are warmed up by the glow of the sun until very late in the afternoon. Simply put, the weather in Chianti in autumn is just perfect. Furthermore, visitors get to enjoy the attractions of Italy away from the summer crowds. Everyone in Chianti is in a great mood during this season. If you are asking yourself why the answer is simple: Wine. The harvest is upon us. Walk through vineyards and you’ll catch workers laughing and smiling – there excitement is like no other as they harvest the new wine to come.

Come to Chianti early on in the harvest season and let the smell of musk stimulate your senses as you tour the wine cellars. While some farmers mechanise farms and have all the harvesting by machines, others still prefer manual picking. Harvesting is hard work that takes a lot of time to complete; you will without a doubt get dirty but the experience is worth every minute. Actually, if you pick grapes manually, you get to choose which fruits to take with you for wine making. This is the only guarantee you need to make high quality wine. Like artists, those who produce wine, have a strong attachment to what they do. Chianti wine sells all around the world and visiting the region will tell you why.

Clearing the air on Chianti

Before you visit Chianti, how about a quick lesson of this wine cabinet of Italy? Chianti Classico is a wine made in Chianti – a large territory whose borders spread over from Siena to Florence with eight towns in between. Sangiovese, a noble grape variety,  makes up 80% of Chianti wines. Other wines made in Italy are composed of varieties such as Colorino, Canaiolo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

After only 11 months from the time when the wine is bottled, it is ready to go to the table. At this time, its alcohol content is 12%. A visit to Tuscany will also expose you to Chianti Riserva, a wine variety which must undergo at least 24 months of ageing so as to acquire 12.5% alcohol content. High grade wines are produced in Italy like the Gran Selezione. They are made from the best grapes and allowed to age for at least 2 and a half years.

Family activities in Chianti

As a renowned wine producing region, many travellers believe that wine is all Chianti has to offer. The wine tasting is exciting especially to those who have never had an opportunity to see the process through which grapes produce wine. But not all what to spend their days sipping wine. Perhaps you have brought the entire family with you to Chianti and your asking yourself are there any fun opportunities for the kids?

The geographical position of this Italian town is perhaps its greatest strength; not only is the landscape pleasant to watch but remains one of the ancient civilizations whose thousands of years back will leave you thrilled beyond words. Here are some of the options for passing time and experiencing Chianti that do not involve drinking wine:

Archeodromo di Poggibonsi, Poggiobonsi

This is an attraction for the kids, and the young at heart. Walking through the recreated pre-medieval town is not only fascinating but enlightening. This attraction creates the perfect opportunity for visitors to learn Italian history in their own language – apparently, the actors can communicate in multiple languages. Apart from the fact that you can find plenty of parking spaces at this location, there is a beautiful park where the kids can play and entry is totally free. We recommend that before you visit, make sure to check their opening times.

Multifunctional Botanical Gardens, Observatory, and Forest, Barberino Val d’Elsa

If you do not specifically ask your tour guide to take you to this location, it might not cross their mind – this is how under the wraps this place is. Some activities in this location are held at night and one fun activity for the whole family is star-gazing at the observatory. There are activities going on all year round but summertime sees the highest number of visitors. You might want to avoid these crowds by going in autumn instead. Is gazing at the planets and stars an activity that your kids will love?

Archaeological Museum, Castellina in Chianti

You will have to travel to the Chianti countryside to find the small town that houses this museum. Do not be fooled by the location – the museum is loaded with artifacts, each with a rich history behind it. The staff are supportive of those who would like to take time to observe the pieces. If you have a family member who speaks a foreign language, bring them along to have fun learning in a language they find exciting. Keep your ears on the ground for annual activities held at this venue.

Do your kids love the idea of living in a historic home or castle? Most kids do and it is easy to make their dreams come true in Chianti. With Tuscany Now & More, you can find the best villas in Chianti, in areas such as Radda, Castellina, Greve and Panzano in Chianti.

Radda in Chianti is a great place to base yourself – not only does it place you right in the middle of wine country but also offers a hill top view of the entire Chianti region. If you have specific requests about the type of property you want, a representative from Tuscany Now & More’s sales team will help you. They know each villa personally, and are able to recommend the best choice for your stay in Tuscany.  To top this, staff members and property owners are the kindest and most welcoming people you will come across on your tour of Chianti. This does not come by chance – it takes months to train them to the international customer support standards to match the luxury accommodation offers at the villas.

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