How Does Vaping Affect Climate Change?

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Climate change: a fuss or a real problem

Climate change is, for sure, the topic of the year. Massive strikes and protests all over the world. Viral images of melting glaciers, dead whales with tones of plastic in their stomach, and horrific videos of fires in Brazil, Russia, and Australia. All these examples are just ‘the top of the iceberg’ of the crisis that approaches.

The other signs of the relevance of the topic are Greta Thunberg becoming TIME’s Person of the Year 2019, concerns of the most influential politicians during the World Economic Forum and NATO Summit 2019. Here are mentioned only the events on the top level, but the interest of people of all ages and nationalities in this topic denotes the significance of the possible danger.

Vaping and climate issues: any connection?

The very first question that might arise in your had is: “How can simple vape mods influence these major fires, floods, or pollution?”. Despite being unusual, the question has some answers.

Vaping is first and foremost an industry. People, who vape and consider this to be their hobby are just those, who nourish the industry. Demand forms the supply, and the supply is huge.

Therefore, we have two basic aspects of vaping: a manufacturing process and an entertaining (or communicative) dimension. Both are shaped by people in a different way and both shape human life unlikely.

Vaping as an industry: relationship with nature

Nowadays, people do not bother themselves with the processes of manufacturing the goods that they use in everyday life. Can anybody describe the constituents of the electric kettle? The same happens when we talk about vapes.

A number of plants and factories are responsible for the production of vaping devices. Firstly, one of the main materials is plastic. Sometimes even vapes that hold themselves out as “the best vape mods” are totally made from plastic.

Secondly, there also exist some wooden-plastic and metal models. However, deforestation is an equal problem for pollution. Therefore, the partial use of natural materials is not about being eco-friendly.

Thirdly, any plant being an agent of production needs resources, such as water, electricity, heating, etc. The resources of our planet are overused each year – there is no time for renewal. In fact, this is exploiting of the resources.

Fourthly, even though business processes across the entire enterprise might be automated, it is impossible to have a completely robot-tended factory. Some resources are also spent on people, the employees.

Fifthly, the human factor, discussed above might be dangerous. The is no flawless person, sometimes people make mistakes because this is second nature to all of us. The results of such mistakes often are technogenic catastrophes.

Sixthly, vaping devices are not simply produced. They also need some shipping. Transportation involves many people, vehicles, and resources as well. Even the best box mod that was made by individual order needs some delivery.

Seventhly, all the shops that sell vape mods (vapingdaily has more info) also use resources (electricity, water, heating, etc) they print cheques and so on and so forth. The workers in the shop get to work by transport and here we would stop exaggerating.

Eighthly, marketing for vape mods presupposes being not really eco-friendly. They use paper for postcards and billboards, or electricity for advertising in media. They boost a new wave of consumerism and us by just ‘to have’ a new one.

Last but never least is the point that the vaping industry indirectly kills living beings. For instance, by using paper, they leave billions of forest animals of no fixed abode. The other example is the pollution from factories that kills insects and birds. By the way, a human is a living being as well. Therefore, second hand vaping and its consequences are a shining example of such an effect.

Vaping as a hobby: effects on the environment

This point of the article is aimed to clarify the harm of vaping when we consider vaping as a conscious choice of a human being.

Firstly, we shall talk about the materials as well. To begin with, it is worth mentioning that the antecedents of modern best vape mod for clouds were disposal. Humans used to put into rubbish thousands of tons of plastic. Not only the fact that vape mods are produced with plastic, but also the fact that people simply throw away some parts or whole ‘best mods’ with no recycling. Small plastic cartridges designed to contain the liquid can usually be seen next to the places of vaping. Luckily, the problem is being discussed these days in the developed countries.

Secondly, the liquids (or other substances) that are used for vaping are not always safe for the environment. Chemicals might get into the soil, when being spilled or cast. The other moment is that when the expiry date is over, the shop cannot sell the product anymore, but the way they recycle the liquid is unknown. The most important is that chemicals, when being vaporized get into the air we breathe. For sure, many producers claim that the liquids are organic. However, is that possible? The elements are not peculiar to the air, so it is polluted.

Thirdly, the batteries that are used in all modern best box mods are of extreme danger to our environment. Both the production and recycling of batteries are complicated processes that demand charges. The lower quality of the processes helps to reduce costs. Unfortunately, the rule ‘business is business’ still remains the inner creed of many entrepreneurs. Different types of batteries have unlike effects on the environment, but all of them are negative. These ‘common negative effects’ include leach of a number of elements, for instance, battery acid, some metals, etc.

The consciousness of the users is also important in the culture of combating climate change. People can do small steps to better the global ecological situation by their small choices. Therefore, some ecologically conscious people give up not only using fuel cars and planes, but also both vape mods and cigarettes consumption.

To conclude, both the vaping process and manufacturing are harmful activities for our planet. The question of climate change is crucial for future generations – our kids and grandchildren. That is why it is important to debate a matter of vaping in your mind before buying a desired best vape mod.


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