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E-Scooter Models - Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are booming in popularity across the U.S. Since the city launched its pilot program last May, Tampa reported about 4,000 riders a day. However, Tampa police have also been criticized for issuing precisely zero e-scooter citations (as discovered by a recent Full Circle investigation). People are calling for stricter rules and guidelines enforced by police to minimize accidents and protect rider and pedestrian safety. But, despite these initial issues, e-scooters are providing people with a fun and easy way to get around their cities and are helping facilitate car-free lifestyles. Many e-scooter models are also cheap and fast to ride, and don’t leave users as tired as riding a bicycle.

Bird One 

Bird recently launched their custom e-scooter, Bird One. It comes with a powerful 473Wh battery, which is double the battery power of other e-scooters. As a result, Bird One has an impressive range of thirty miles per charge. It maxes out at 19 mph and has a maximum weight hold of 220 pounds. The scooter also comes with 9-inch semi-solid pneumatic tires to ensure smooth riding over most surfaces. Bird One is fitted with a GPS-enabled anti-theft device and a digital lock that can be locked and unlocked from the corresponding smartphone app. It’s available in three stylish colors to suit all tastes: jet black, electric rose, and dove white.

Zoom Stryder

The Zoom Stryder, manufactured by Zoom Electric Scooters, is one of the most impressive recent e-scooter releases. It’s equipped with a smart LCD display which shows speed, distance traveled, and battery life. It has a range of 25-30 km and a top speed which reaches 18.5 miles per hour — higher than most other e-scooters. The Zoom Stryder is very comfortable to ride and features front and rear suspension to ensure a smooth and steady voyage over rougher terrain and steep curbs. It’s also fitted with both front and rear lights — the rear light shines even brighter when the brakes are engaged.

Spin e-scooter 

Spin recently launched its amazing new third-generation e-scooter, which is packed with plenty of innovative features. The scooter boasts 10-inch tubeless tires, which provide ample shock absorption over bumpy roads. The riding platform is also longer and the frame is wider, larger, and more durable than Spin’s past e-scooter models. The modern rear-drive mechanism ensures optimum uphill climb performance while the bike-handle braking system is designed for peak responsiveness. The e-scooter’s powerful batteries last for up to 37.5 miles per single charge — which is 7.5 miles further than Bird’s Bird One and Lime’s Lime-S Generation 3. Spin’s e-scooter also comes with an anti-theft feature designed to prohibit theft and vandalism.

These are some of the most impressive e-scooter models currently on the market. We can expect to see even more advanced designs in the future as e-scooters continue to become an increasingly staple feature in cities across the United States like Tampa, where they are already prevalent and are becoming a more typical part of everyday life.

Photo by Marat Mazitov on Unsplash

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