Want to Save More Money on Christmas? Use Solar Lights!

Solar Lights

Christmas is a holiday that almost everyone loves, no matter what age. With all the festivities, family bonding, and mouth-watering food, nothing can go wrong. Putting up decorations on the big Christmas tree, displaying a wreath on the front door, and hanging solar Christmas lights all around the house are just some of the activities that most families share that brings cheer and laughter. There’s no denying that Christmas is indeed the most beautiful time of the year.

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Everyone is happy, until after the holiday when parents receive their electric bills and BAM! The excitement fades. What could have caused the bills to skyrocket like that? The answer most probably is the Christmas lights since they were most likely plugged in during the whole Yuletide season.

Going Solar

So what can be done to avoid paying hundreds of dollars for electricity bills during Christmas time? The solution is by using solar Christmas lights. And yes, this thing truly exists! But what are solar Christmas lights and how do they work? Its mechanism is quite simple. These lights are just like the standard Christmas lights that most people use; the only difference is that instead of plugging it into the power socket, the solar-powered ones are attached to a solar panel that gets charged upon exposure to the sunlight. Cool, eh?


How do Solar Lights Work?

The solar panels have built-in lithium-ion batteries. These batteries charge immediately after the panels are exposed to direct sunlight. The solar panels also have a light sensor. Once it goes dark, the sensor turns on the batteries and will have enough charge to power up the Christmas lights and Voila! It starts blinking to life!

There are different types of solar Christmas lights, but the most commonly used ones are the multi-coloured ones and fairy string lights. The multi-coloured ones look just like the standard ones that most people have, while fairy string lights are much smaller but cute in its simple way.

But what happens when there’s a cloudy day, heavy snowfall or simply the sun is out? Please don’t fret, because the Solar Christmas lights will still work since the sun is never entirely out; the batteries can be charged, but it will take a little longer to reach its full capacity. Using solar-powered lights over the conventional ones is both cost-efficient and eco-friendly.

Although standard lights are cheaper upon purchase, using them are both hazardous and expensive. Since the regular ones are plugged into the power source for several hours a day, they can overheat or blow up and can cause a fire. It is also more expensive since it uses electricity, unlike the solar lights that only make use of the sunlight’s energy.


Choosing solar Christmas lights over the usual ones can also help save Mother Earth. The world’s atmosphere is already damaged; What with all the harmful fumes and gases coming from industrial factories that utilize electrical energy, it’s only a matter of time before climate change fully takes over. Through the use of solar lights instead of the electric ones, you can help in conserving the planet’s energy and making sure that our natural resources will not be depleted.

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