How Will a Brain Injury Change Your Life?

Brain Injury Change Your Life

Going through the trauma linked to brain injury is an unparalleled experience that no one should ever go through. However, we can’t protect everyone on the planet at all times so these tragic circumstances happen on numerous occasions. The only way we can attempt to deal with these situations emotionally is understanding the process and what comes with it. These are tough times that either yourself or a loved one are going through so try and stay as level as you can and process things with as much time as you need. 

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Physical Changes

One of the more obvious effects you will see from the moment a brain injury occurs will be physical changes, these can happen in numerous ways and some cases are permanent. Walking can be impaired and coordination can become a struggle, but there are some situations where extensive physical therapy, exercise, and medication will immensely help your struggles and that some cases may come back to how it was before. It’s very common for survivors to experience fatigue more often than previously and that’s because a healing brain requires a lot of energy and that’s why lots of rest will help with this. 

Other limitations you might find are being very clumsy and it’s not uncommon for one of your senses to go. All of this points towards struggling to get on with basic life for the next few years at least and if this is the case, then it’s important to ensure that you can live without being able to work. It’s in this situation that hiring an attorney that specializes in brain injury or head trauma could be life-saving, the professionals at state that money cannot reverse a brain trauma but it can provide the right resources to help you rehabilitate. The next few years of care are going to be imperative to you so be sure to begin enjoying life again. 

Emotional Changes 

A brain injury will often be the main cause of huge emotional change within a person, feelings can become even more sporadic and it’s usually directly down to the injury. Usually, a patient will become more emotional as they discover the true extent of their injuries and that’s because they will then feel vulnerable to the outside world. One minute they were themselves, next minute they have woken up in a hospital bed surrounded by doctors, that would be overwhelming for anyone in that situation. 

To try and keep a hold of any emotion there are ways you can help treat them by attending therapy sessions, whether that be grouped or singular, and working through your emotions and feelings. It’s amazing what talking to people can do with your emotions.

Cognitive Changes

Brain Injury

When we talk about our cognitive ability we define it as our mental capability. This involves things such as reasoning, problem-solving, planning, comprehension, abstract thinking, and learning from our own experiences. Many brain injuries will dramatically affect this level of ability and this will be some of the most disabling aspects of your trauma. These cognitive impairments make day to day tasks very difficult to complete, everything from your short term and long term memory to the way you understand the language can be affected. This can affect your ability to hold conversations, understand concepts, read, watch television, there is, unfortunately, a long list of things that could become very difficult. There is hope, however, with recent studies showing that lifelong exercise can improve our cognitive ability so you should always stay hopeful. 

Communication Changes 

These can be difficult to process as we have gone from being able to do something very simple to not being able to do it at all. Writing our name may become a difficult task and will take a lot of rehabilitation and practice to get back to how you were. Some of the worst cases mean someone may have to learn to talk again, their ability to communicate has completely disappeared and will require a lot of treatment, therapy, and help to get their voice back. 

Brain injury is a shocking and difficult thing to process. If at any point you’ve ever been through it, you will understand. Knowing these basic explanations of what might change will help you get back on track, but it is also suggested doing as much research as you can to truly understand what’s going on. Find yourself a lawyer because no one deserves to go through this and have to worry about money at the same time, life is hard enough as it is. 

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