Can You Sell A Car During COVID?

Unsurprisingly, car sales took a steep dive at the start of Spring 2020 as, across the US and worldwide, potential buyers went into government-mandated quarantine. Like many industries hit by Covid-19, buying a new car wasn’t the top of many people’s priority list in the middle of a global pandemic. Demand suffered as non-essential travel ground to a halt, not to mention the significant dent to many people’s wallets, which no doubt forced purchases to be put on hold. Despite this all, you can still sell a car during Covid.  Here’s how.


Avoiding the pitfalls

As stay-at-home orders begin to relax, this could leave many looking for ways to increase cash-flow following a fall in income and wondering if now is the ideal time to sell their car. Those who have sold a car before will know that if you arrange sales privately, owner-to-owner, you run the risk that a deal can fall through at the last minute, leaving you right back at square one. If you’re trying to shift a more high-value vehicle, you might have to sift through dozens of supposedly ‘interested’ parties who, in reality, are just hoping for a quick spin around the block in a Ferrari under the guise of a ‘test drive’. Dealerships can be the obvious alternative to this. However, If you’ve had the experience of trawling dealerships to get an offer, you’ll know that this can come with its own set of challenges and the likelihood that you’ll have to do some serious bartering to get a fair deal. 


Consider the make and model of your car 

If you’re hoping to get rid of a pre-owned Ford F150, you might struggle to avoid the above stumbling blocks, although online dealerships are increasingly popular and take some of the leg-work out of the sale. However, those fortunate to be the owner of a high-value car and wondering ‘ how can I sell my Ferrari?’ could now find it relatively easy and painless to get a free and fair offer on their vehicle which reflects its true value. Unsurprisingly, the higher the value of your model, the more likely you’ll find platforms designed to remove any obstacles likely to deter you from selling. You’ll find companies ready to help you to sell your vehicle with minimal inconvenience and effort and with maximum protection for you, the seller. With such a streamlined process within the pre-owned luxury market, whether you want to sell a Mclaren or a Ferrari, there seems to be almost no reason not to tap in a vehicle’s details and find out what it could be worth even now. 


Is anyone buying right now?

Many would-be sellers might be wondering if there is a market for pre-owned cars at the moment following the significant decline seen by the car industry towards the end of March and beginning of April. However, there is some suggestion that the fall in car sales has now bottomed-out, and some gradual recovery can be seen. With people looking at getaways within their home country rather than abroad and public transport posing continued worry regarding the virus, there could be some light at the end of the tunnel for those hoping to sell a car on.  While it might be optimistic to imagine there’s anything resembling a boom on the horizon, only time will tell what the longer-term economic impact of the pandemic will be and how quickly the car industry can recover. 

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