How To Still Keep Up With Your Golf Training During The Quarantine

golf training during the quarantine

With the current pandemic, plenty of things have either been closed or way too busy to go too. Golf is one of these examples. With many courses closing themselves off, only a few are still open and they are finding themselves getting extremely busy due to this. Therefore, it can be extremely hard to keep up with your golf training and improve. With each passing day, more and more rust forms on your golf game. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to practice your golf training. Here are some ways to stick with your golf training during the quarantine.

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Putting Greens

Putting is considered to be one of the most difficult things in the game of golf. While it is the shortest shot that you’ll take, you have to be pinpoint accurate and understand how the green moves. Reading greens in itself is as much of a skill as striking the ball exactly where you want to.


This is where putting greens come in handy. They can be set up anywhere in your house as long as you have adequate space. Before you know it, you will be improving your putting game dramatically. Putting greens are not limited to the same type of green either. The experts of mention that there are hundreds of different putting green styles, allowing you to practice exactly what you need to. This means you can get a simple straight putting green to allow you to work on precision in your swing while getting an elaborate sloped green to work on your ability to read them.


With the extreme versatility a putting green provides, along with the huge benefits you get for practicing, there really is no reason not to have a green in your home, especially during the quarantine. You can even bring it into your office and get a few swings in during your break at work. There are also tools that you can use with your putting green to make the experience that much more efficient.


There are attachments that can spit your ball back upon getting into the hole, allowing you to get more putts in. Certain matts as well allow you to move the cup position, giving you a variety of different holes to shoot from. Look to practice your putting with a putting green during the quarantine.

Golf Swing Simulators

While working on your putting is important, it is only a fraction of the game of golf. Anything that you do not work on, will quickly deteriorate and get worse. This is where a golf swing simulator can come in handy. These simulators can analyze your swing and determine exactly where the ball would go if you were to hit it this way.


Think of this as golfing, but doing it virtually. You stand in front of a sensor with a net and you hit the ball. Not only does this provide great analysis on each and every shot, but it also allows you to get a full eighteen holes of golf without all the walking. With all the feedback it provides, there really is no reason to not get a simulator.


The one downside to these is that they can be quite pricey, but there are workarounds for this. Many golf centers have them, and if you book an appointment with them, you will be able to use it for a select time period. This allows you to get your swings in without breaking the bank and making a huge purchase. Get yourself a golf swing simulator to keep your swing feeling smooth.

Chipping Green

While putting greens is great for the inside, you can turn your backyard into a mini chipping green. While the process might take a while, it is not nearly as difficult as it sounds, and the benefits are definitely worth it. First start by making your green, giving yourself several different slopes to work with to add variety. Next, add a couple of hazards around it as well, such as long grass and sandtraps. This will allow you to get the most out of your chips, helping you understand how the ball works in each of these hazards.


Before long, you will find yourself to be a chipping expert, masterfully hitting every shot. Look to build a chipping green in your backyard for a great way to practice your golf training during the quarantine.

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If you follow these tips, you’ll quickly become a much better golfer during the quarantine. You will find yourself breaking all your previous records and even showing up for your friends on the course. Once the courses reopen and golf is allowed, where do you plan on playing?

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