8 Hacks for Finding a New Career

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A lot of people stay trapped in unfulfilling jobs because they don’t want to go through the extensive effort of building a new career, or perhaps don’t want to take that risk (especially financially). However, finding a new career and particularly your dream career can be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. 

Signs That it’s Time for a New Career 

  • You dread going to work every day.
  • You no longer put a lot of effort into your daily work.
  • You feel trapped.
  • You don’t feel like there’s a future with your current job.
  • You don’t feel inspired or passionate about your job.
  • You keep thinking about something else you’ve always wanted to do. 
  • Your mental or physical health (or both) are being severely affected.

Sound Familiar? Here’s What You Can Do About It

1. Be Honest About What You Want 

If you’re going to make a big change, make sure it’s the right one. Be honest about what you want out of a career, and what it is that you don’t like about your current position so that you can avoid that with a new job. 

2. Do Your Research 

Whether it’s finding out which careers can be accomplished with your existing qualifications, or whether you have a career in mind and want to know which qualifications are needed to achieve it, research is essential for finding out what you need to do. 

3. Gain New Qualifications with Online Study 

As an adult already trained or qualified in a certain area, you may be thinking that you can’t return to study and gain new qualifications for a new career. However, with online study courses which are flexibly done from home, like with Excelsior College Online, it’s easier than ever to gain a new qualification around your current job and lifestyle commitments. 

4. Don’t Be Too Hasty

Finding the right new career may take time and proper planning. Don’t make any impulsive decisions, such as handing in your resignation, before you know what your next step is. 

5. Take Some Time Off 

To make the best decision, you need to clear your head and set some time aside to plan what’s next. Taking vacation time off your current job will allow you to dedicate your time fully to planning a new career, and will also take you away from the stresses of your current job so you can focus on your task. 

6. Speak to Others 

Make sure to discuss your career plans with loved ones to get their advice and support. Take the time to network with other people in your intended career for advice, too. 

7. Try Work Experience 

If you have the time, use it to take part in work experience in your intended field or a similar field, so that you can more fully understand how you would feel in that role and decide whether it’s right for you. 

8. Relocation is an Option 

It may be that you’re not in the best location for your ideal career. Relocating for the right reasons like your dream job can be a worthwhile change, as there are many new opportunities in different areas.

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