Your Guide To The Villains on CW’s ‘Stargirl’

Stargirl on CW

Have you been watching CW’s Stargirl? If not, you are missing out on some great entertainment for the whole family. Stargirl, executive-produced by Geoff Johns, follows a band of superhero teens led by Courtney Whitmore in the title role.

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While Courtney’s friends are always captivating and capture the attention of many fans, there are also plenty of villains to keep things interesting with all kinds of eye-riveting plot twists. Here is a quick guide to some of the main Stargirl villains portrayed thus far on the CW series.


Dragon King

The Dragon King, also known as Dr. Ito, is played by Nelson Lee. Dr. Ito is an experienced foe of the original Starman and is a member of the infamous Injustice Society. He’s also a scientist, and conducts some pretty far out experiments on others as well as upon himself. The Dragon King has modified his own genetic code to make himself resemble reptiles. Why would someone want to do that? Tune in for the amazing details.



As the big leader of the baddies, Icicle leads the Injustice Society on a crash course that inevitably leads to epic fights with Stargirl and her crew of misfits. Icicle was first introduced in 1947 and is a European scientist who creates a freeze gun. This lets him turn anyone that goes against him into a big frozen icicle, hence his nickname. In the comics, Icicle has a son named Cameron Mahkent who later inherits his father’s unique powers.


The Gambler

Stargirl is introduced to the Gambler at the end of the second episode in Season One. The Gambler not only loves to gamble but he’s also skilled in disguise. Among his more deadly other skills is knife throwing, making him a truly dangerous assassin that Stargirl and her friends definitely have to watch out for.



Brainwave is another villain introduced in that action-packed second episode. Going forward, it’s clear that Brainwave will be one of the most formidable foes Courtney has to deal with. Brainwave is one of the founding members of the Injustice Society and has fought big time heroes such as Wonder Woman, Doctor Mid-Nite, and Johnny Thunder, just to name a few. This villain has psychic abilities which help him stay one step ahead of his enemies. He has a son named Henry King Jr. to whom he passes his psychic abilities.



Similar to Catwoman, Tigress uses her feline friends to help her in her criminal activities. What most people don’t know is that Tigress was first introduced into the DC comic book world as Huntress. She is married to another super villain named Sportsmaster, and together they make a very dangerous couple.



Sportsmaster is a super athlete. While his day job may be sportscasting, he is extremely deadly and likes to use sports equipment as lethal weapons. In DC comic book history, he has fought the likes of Robin and Batgirl. Sportsmaster is married to fellow supervillain Tigress.


The Wizard

As one of the original six founders of the Injustice Society, the Wizard is a staple villain of great power. He controls his opponents through hypnosis, making him extremely effective in his nefarious pursuits. Courtney and her friends soon learn to give the Wizard a wide berth where possible—but, of course, that’s not always possible. The Wizard was first introduced into the DC universe in 1947 as a master of great illusions.


As you can see, there are many villains to keep you interested and engaged in this season of Stargirl. You never know what one of these nasty characters will come up with next. They’re often as interesting as the heroes, so make sure to tune into the CW to see how it all shakes out.

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