Wendy Williams: The Movie – Details You May Have Not Known

Media maven Wendy Williams has built a million-dollar dynasty off of making everyone else’s drama the “hot topic.” Now, the tables have turned, and this time around, Wendy, herself, just so happens to be the topic of discussion in Lifetime’s all-new biopic film, Wendy Williams: The Movie. Here’s a look at some of the Wendy Williams movie exclusions.

Directed by Darren Grant, the anticipated project mirrors the news-worthy true story of the self-made gossip queen and her transition from radio royalty to top-notch talk-show host. However, as with any other stairway to stardom, it goes without saying that Wendy has had to go through many shaky spots and tough obstacles–both on and off the air.

Already tagged as Hollywood’s most-hated and standing in the humiliating scrutiny of a sticky, public divorce, it wasn’t long before the flashing lights dimmed and noisy paparazzi fell silent. Wendy quickly went from delivering the latest celebrity tea to having to clean up the number of cups that were being spilled on her twenty-plus year marriage and the problems within it.

Fame, fortune, and family, Wendy soon found herself fighting to save not only her industry status but the woman underneath the fancy clothing and famous “How You Doin’?” phrase.

Although Wendy had a hand in making sure that Wendy Williams: The Movie accurately depicted her life story, there were still some missing pieces to the puzzle and questions that needed answers.

Here are a few things that the Wendy Williams movie excluded…

The Real Background of Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams movie exclusions
A young Wendy Williams

Wendy Joan Williams was born on July 18th, 1964 in Asbury Park, New Jersey. She is the middle child of Thomas and Shirley Williams’ three children.

By the age of five, Wendy and her family were living in Ocean Township, New Jersey, where she graduated from Ocean Township High School. She ended up attending Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts in 1986 and graduated with an Associate of Science degree in Communications.

While there, she became a leading DJ for the college’s radio station, WRBB.

Although the film does briefly display a quick time travel, showcasing a map with the city of Boston, it doesn’t go into detail about Wendy’s school years there. The jump of scenes could confuse some to believe that she’d gone straight from high school in New Jersey to New York.

However, on her Wikipedia page, it states that Wendy actually began her career working for WVIS, a radio station serving the Vieques, Puerto Rico area, in the United States Virgin Islands.

After working there, as the movie references, she then did snag positions at Washington, D.C.’s WOL and WQHT in Queens, New York, where she commuted back and forth for both jobs. Wendy was eventually able to obtain other gigs at fellow stations in New York City and Philadelphia, which helped build a big name for herself in both metropolitan areas.


Wendy & Eric B.: A Toxic Love Affair

If you don’t know who Eric B. is, you’ve certainly been living under a rock.

The now 57-year-old is a producer and DJ who’s also known for being a part of the legendary Hip-Hop duo, Eric B. & Rakim back in the late ’80s.

In Wendy Williams: The Movie, a portion of Wendy’s relationship with the music icon is played out, and it is indicated that Eric basically used Wendy for monetary gain.

However, during a 1999 interview, Wendy got very candid about the two’s romance and admitted that Eric was also a cheater, which is something that the movie failed to boldly mention.

“He was cute at the time, the ponytail, all that gold jewelry. Here’s the thing–and we all go through this. First of all, I never had a home number. It was always pagers and mind you, we dated for over a year,” Wendy honestly recalled. “Of course, he had other women. This was eight years ago. And eight years ago, I was still on top of my game in the radio career. So I really can’t figure out why I was this stupid. I was making pretty decent money. I was Queen of the Radio and I don’t know why I accepted it. It wasn’t like I was some scrub who had to take this from a man.”

(From Left to Right) Rakim and Eric B.

She then continued, opening up more about their time together and Eric’s unfaithful ways.

“Although we used to have good times together and go out on some great dates and stuff, a lot of his visits to my apartment would be like after two o’clock in the morning. But I would accept it because of rappers in the studio. But I also know they use that a lot in terms of cheating,” she expressed. “And the third thing and the most vile thing is that he never used condoms, and I accepted that. He used to jet to Atlantic City and go to Vegas, and most of the time, it was me paying for it, believe it or not. I know, I know!”

[WATCH] FULL Clip of 1999 Interview Here:

The movie also shows Wendy finding out that she was pregnant by Eric and silently going to get an abortion.

In recent years, Wendy has shadily talked about Eric on her show, throwing shots at how he looks currently and the hurtful things he did in the past.

Check it out below.

As for Eric B. today, from the looks of his Instagram, he seems to still be hipping it and hopping it.

Wendy’s First Marriage

Although Wendy’s marriage to her ex-husband, Kevin Hunter, is the most talked-about, that actually wasn’t her only marriage. The biopic intentionally skips over in-depth information about the union between her and her first husband, but here are some key parts to that situation that may interest you.

In 1994, Wendy married Bert Girigorgie, who, from what an older Twitter page says, is a marketing professional in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Wendy Williams movie exclusions
Bert Girigorie and Wendy Williams’ Wedding Day (via National Enquirer)

The pair reportedly dated for two years before tying the knot but separated after only five months. According to a sit-down that Girigorgie had with RadarOnline, the split was due to Wendy’s “bizarre behavior” and extensive drug habit.

“It was very bizarre. She just turned into a different person. I don’t know what was going on,” he told the news outlet. “I didn’t understand a lot of things that she did. I didn’t understand what her motivations were.”

He was previously brought up in Wendy’s autobiography, Wendy’s Got the Heat, where the “shock jock diva” renamed him Robert Morris III.


The Truth About Kevin Hunter & His Involvement with the Film

Wendy and Kevin Hunter jumped the broom on November 30, 1997. Three years later, they gave birth to their son, Kevin Hunter Jr., in 2000.

For years, he was known as her right-hand man and acted as a very vital part of her career and television endeavors. However, in 2019, it was reported that Kevin had a child with another woman on the way, causing Wendy to officially file for a divorce.

The breakup was a tabloid special for months, as more details on Kevin’s outside relations started to appear.

Wendy Williams: The Movie gives an inside look at the couple’s two-decades-long relationship, Kevin’s infidelity, and Wendy’s reaction to finding out the news about her husband’s lovechild and secret affair(s).

Wendy Williams and ex-husband Kevin Hunter

Within seconds, it shows Wendy going from having it all to crumbling and experiencing a mental breakdown due to Kevin’s mess-ups.

If watching the scenes made you wonder if Kevin had anything to do with the biopic, well, Wendy, who serves as the executive producer, said it herself that he actually had no input, and recent headlines even claimed that she hopes the film “makes her ex wish he never met her,” TMZ wrote.

When asked by a fan on Watch What Happens Live how Kevin feels about the biopic, she said: “I don’t care what he thinks about it. No, he had no input on it because it’s my life and my truth.”

She then expressed that she did invite Kevin to be a part of the documentary that follows the film’s premiere, but he declined.

Whitney Houston vs. Wendy Williams

Wendy’s Surgeries and Illnesses

It’s no secret that Wendy has had plastic surgery.

In the biopic, her character opens up about wanting liposuction and breast implants to boost her confidence.

It’s also no secret that Wendy has struggled with cocaine usage, which is, too, depicted during the film.

Wendy’s illnesses, however, aren’t mentioned but once. The broadcast legend has been hospitalized several times due to Graves’ disease, an autoimmune condition that affects the thyroid, and hyperthyroidism. Not too long ago, she announced that she had been diagnosed with lymphedema as well, which causes swelling of the lower extremities.

After the controversy surrounding Wendy collapsing during the taping of an episode of The Wendy Williams Show, viewers began to speculate about Wendy’s health.

In the biopic, Kevin is seen trying to blame Wendy’s incident on her own “issues” and alludes to his fear of her addiction becoming a problem again.

On the brighter side, she seems to be doing fine and looking even finer these days.


What were your thoughts on Wendy Williams: The Movie? Let us know in the comments!

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