A Classic Revisited: “Can We Talk?” By Tevin Campbell

I wonder if Tevin Campbell knew he had pure gold with this one when he was recording “Can We Talk?”  With this song, he legit spoke the minds of all the shy teenage youth who were trying to get up the nerve to talk to their crush over there in the corner with the oversized Nautica button up on, or the knee high stockings with the pleated skirts (you know you had one of those fits).

“Can We Talk?” comes on and I automatically smell Love Spell and Bath and Body works lotion.  No matter what your current age is, the little butterflies that appeared in your stomach when you were young and in love start to flutter again and the reminiscing begins.

Some folks tryna taint this song, calling it “The Stalker Anthem” b/c a few of the lyrics are a bit sketchy… but what young lovestruck boy ain’t a bit sketchy and awkward!  They was just tryna get up the nerve to ask for that house phone number…

So, if this song comes on, the expectation is that you go super hard with the “Last night Iiiiiiiiii…..” or the “You better tell me your name bay-bee…“!  Cause if not, I feel like you never had the right kind of crush and I feel for you.  Tevin Campbell laid the groundwork to make your life just that much easier to get your girl or guy, and you ain’t take the bait!  But 9 times out of 10, if you were Black growing up in the 90s… you took this one and ran with it.  Classic!

“Can We Talk?” was produced by Babyface and appears on Tevin Campbell’s sophomore album, I’m Ready. It was released in 1993.

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