How to Make a Small Home Feel Spacious and Beautiful

Small homes have a lot to offer. While they might not accommodate a large piano or a twenty-person party, they often feel cozier and more homely, especially with the right décor. It can take a little more effort to do this, though, so if you want to know how to make your small home feel spacious and beautiful, read on. 

Install Sliding Doors 

When living in a small home, one of your goals is to increase the amount of space and a sliding door helps with that. Not only does it reduce the space taken up by a bulky door frame, but it also lets plenty of light in from the outsight, instantly brightening the place up. You could even go one step further and install an automatic door opening, which improves accessibility (and is simply a cool addition to have!). 

Use More Mirrors 

Mirrors are perfect for giving a room a more spacious look, as they bounce the light around. Plus, there are plenty of beautiful antique mirrors to find, so have a look around for a style that suits your house. 

Paint Neutral Colors 

Too much color can feel suffocating in a tiny space, so opt for neutral colors instead. That does not mean you cannot have a pop of color, though! If you go for cream walls, you can always give the room a bit of character by using bright green cushions or hanging a colorful art piece. 

Use Vertical Storage 

Small homes are a nightmare for collectors. If you are struggling to fit all your personal items in your house without cluttering the floor, invest in storage that climbs the walls. That way, you can keep all of your stuff without tripping over it all! 

Choose a Variety of Lights 

When it comes to small rooms, your goal is to brighten them up as much as possible, and the best way to do this is by using a variety of lights. There is nothing worse than having a single harsh ceiling light, after all. Use a mixture of lamps, wall lights, and ceiling lights to create a dynamic and bright effect that makes the room feel both cozy and spacious. 

Place Large Art Pieces on the Walls 

A small room does not mean you cannot have large items. In fact, a single large painting on the wall often looks better in a tiny space than multiple small frames. So, have a look around for an art piece that you love, and hang it in your tiny home with pride. 

Stick to One Aesthetic 

There is one thing you want to avoid with a small home – clutter. That does not just mean cups and hair ties and clothes, though; it is also important to not overdo it with too many aesthetics, as this could end up overcrowding the room. Instead, choose a single aesthetic and when shopping for décor, keep this in mind. 


Decorating a small house looks very different from decorating a large space. By keeping this in mind, your tiny home will soon look beautiful and feel spacious.

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